by Falling-Sakura

She opened her eyes,
Under fair hair,
She gave her first cry,
And nobody cared.

Mummy wanted a grown up
And so she tried,
She sat with the others,
Never a child.

Idle chatter,
Tea too strong,
Sickly sweet smiles,
Resisted too long.

Mummy was still,
The bathwater red,
And Daddy had howled,
That Mummy was dead.

Growing up,
Unable to cry,
Staring at bones,
Wanting to die.

Catching his eye,
Loving his smile,
Falling in love,
Not knowing why.

Practical jokes,
All black and grey,
A secret desire,
Her sixteenth birthday.

Eternal dependence,
Stolen glances,
Blissful ignorance,
And messed up chances.

A last minute confession,
Of lifelong denials,
Butterfly kisses,
And forgotten smiles.

Through gritted teeth,
The crocodile tears,
Walking in rain,
Living out fears.

The unrequited love,
Of a girl long dead-
'Lie to me.' She whispers,
'I love you.' He says.

Losing rosy memories,
Now-derelict eyes,
A shattered heart,
Last minute goodbyes.

Buried desires,
A plastic smile,
Refusing to eat,
Not knowing why.

Angel of death,
Happiness a dream,
Playing the reaper,
Hearing her scream.

Red stains white,
A living hell,
Unrequited love,
And wedding bells.

Praying for hours,
Her unheard calls,
Were desperate pleas
To end it all.

The noose was untied,
The gun wasn't loaded,
The pills wouldn't work,
In water, she floated.

Her self-hatred,
Silent cries,
The eternal farewell,
And final goodbyes.

Acid passions,
Unable to stay,
Corrode her soul,
Of black and grey.

She couldn't hold out-
Believe me, she tried
And while the razor kissed her,
Her aching wrists cried.

And throughout all of this
He smiled.