My soul waxes wistful
Before it wanes away again
A dissolving moon
It wastes away
And silver rain sheets down

Shimmering moonlight fades
As clouds congeal in the sky
And begin to slowly obscure
What is left of my melancholic light

A cage built of my own shadows
Contains what is left of my soul
Ethereal silence entombs the heart
As it gasps for air
In a dying world

The night cracks softly
A tinkling sound
The cries of angels

Each crack has a name
All of them disappoints, failures
Some have decaying faces
Some are empty thoughts
Some echoes of what once was

Through these cracks
The clouds seep in
Coating my world in shade
Drowning my light

And softly the world slips away
And my prison of shadows
Overtakes the light

5:18 pm