Fight the Orcs!!!


Liz: Me, Liz if you didn't guess!

Lesley: Lesley, you ain't getting out of running that easily!

Legolas: Of course its Orli and we ain't sharing him Lesley!!!!

Gadreil: The weird lady from the lake up the road.

Aragon: Person who we just found.

Gimli: Little dwarf bloke that Legolas hates!

Boromir: Person in love with Aragon that we found somewhere.

Moogle: A smoking monkey riding a hoverboard, need I say more?

(Scene: Liz's house)

Lesley: It is soooooo hot in here!!

Liz: I know and boring!

Lesley: Got that right! Can't we go outside please! I'm literally begging you!!!!

Liz: Sure. What you wanna do? Go see Orli, but remember he's mine?! Ok?

Lesley: I know, I know. Once we get Orli let's go down to the lake. Skinny dipping is a great way to cool down!

Liz: (Ignores Lesley's last comment) Maybe that weird woman...Gadreil will be down there and she'll tell us about those elves and orcs and the battles of Middle Earth. I mean it's pretty funny how she seems to believe what she's saying like come on!

Lesley: (once out of front door) Yeah ok. Where does Orli live again?

Liz: (Busy looking through her bag) Down the lane. You know that.

Lesley: (Looking slightly confused) But this isn't where we usually end up when we come out of your door is it?

Liz: No it's not airhead!

Lesley: Why am I an airhead? huh?

Liz: 'Cause you should know we don't end up here when we go out my front door. Duh!(smacks Lesley on back of head lightly)

Lesley: Look!

Liz:(Looking at the place where Lesley hand was pointing) What?

Lesley: It's the weird woman from the lake!

Liz: Oh yeah. And she's got loads of people dressed up as those elves she always talks about around her. Wait, I think they're real elves!

Lesley: I didn't think elves were real.

Liz: Neither did I but there you go living prove.

Lesley:(Holding onto Liz's arm) I'm scared let's go back inside please?

Liz: Sure (both turn round to go through door) its not there!

Lesley:(not knowing where she's going, walks straight forward and falls into river behind them) where'd this river come from? (Begins to sink) HELP ME!! I can't swim!

Legolas:(Rushed forward when he saw Lesley disappear) don't worry small one I shall help you! (Tries to help Lesley up but looses foot hold and falls on top of her)

Liz:Oh brother! I gotta save them both now!

So will Liz save Legolas and Lesley?

Will Lesley and Liz find out how they got there?

Will this story develop a plot?

Who knows? Tune in next time to FIGHT THE ORCS!!!