"see you later sweetie"

i knew that later would never come

as much as i wanted it to be now

I knew this would be the last real kiss

and it wasn't enough to make you love me

everything i gave, everything i wanted to do,

it wasn't enough to make what you said true.

i devoured all the lies you fed,

and held this gun up to my head,

though i knew it was loaded, safety off,

you promised me it wouldn't hurt,

if i pulled the trigger, just a little bit,

I fell back into your bed.

I'm still breathing, but i'm living dead.

You made your choice, so cut me out

and save yourself from feeling the pain,

cause by your "self-worship"

but it's pain i don't want to live without,

if it means that i can't have you.

i hope you're happy while i fade away,

this is the last goodbye.

February 9th 2007