Sauron: What the cluck?

Lesley: What was that?

Brynushaarg: Sorry it was me! Someone put my red twirly cap in with my ripped white T-Shirt! It's just not on!

Lesley: OMG! You are such a drama queen! You are blatantly gay!

Polly: (Head appears) Don't use my word!

Brynushaarg: (Rolls eyes) Here we go again!

Sauron: (Throws down fire ball at Brynushaarg)

Brynushaarg: (Yelps in surprise) HEY! What you do that for? That really hurt you know!

Sauron: (Puppy dog eyes ... well eye really) Sorry but I'm just a poor eye no arms to nudge you!

Copyright man: (Falls from the sky) AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! That hurt!

Brynushaarg: You're telling me!

Copyright man: Aren't you that thing that keeps using copyrighted lines in random stories?

Brynushaarg: (Looks proud to be recognised) Yep! That's me alright! But for once I didn't do it! It was him! (Points at the blazing eye in the sky)

Sauron: (Blows a fire bubble) So what you going to do about it?

Copyright man: Well I shall issue you a ticket and then you shall get a phone call ...

Sauron: That'll be hard considering I don't own a phone.

Salesman: (Sidles up to copyright guy) Well big eye sir thingy ...

Sauron: Sir will do no, no wait, Governor. I think that sounds right don't you Lesley? (A cloud vibrates which Sauron takes for a yes) Can you vibrate other things lik -

Salesman: Anyway! Governor (shudders at the thought of who else calls him governor and when) I can sell you a phone.

Sauron:(Looks confused - hard to do when you're an eye) I thought you sold VCRs?

Salesman:(Looks smug) I'm an all round electronics sale person.

Frodo: Person? I thought it was pretty obvious you were a guy?

Gollum: Well master, to be fair you don't know what's under his clothes!

Sam: OI! You ain't got a lisp! You're a fraud!

Gollum:(Mutters) At least I ain't a fatty, (Puts normal voice back on) Didn't Issssssss?

Gandalf: (Looks rather annoyed at having his lava bath interrupted) Gollum, we all know its fake. Just leave it ok?

Gollum:(Looks hurt) But it makes me feel like a man.

Brynushaarg:(Points finger at Gandalf) You made the thing cry! (Turns back to everyone) Oi! You lot! All give Gandalf the evils!

Will everyone give Gandalf the evils?

Will this copyright guy just cluck off?

Have we finally got rid of the voice?

Voice : cough NO cough


Find out next time