"Sorry" Doesn't Cut It — "I Love You" Won't Bring Him Back


I let you walk

Right out of my Life.

I turned by back,

I said "Goodbye."

But, in the silence echoed

The words I hadn't said:

"That to love you, and lose you,

I'd rather be dead."

But, in the shadows

Of Ill-Fading bliss

I am left only thinking about

All the things

That I will come to miss:

No time in your arms;

No sweet lips to kiss;

No more affectionate words

Will grace these ears.

All that remains

Is emptiness

Al hollow cavity

In my chest.

Because I pushed you away

One too many times,

And all I can do now

Is remember all the times

That we spent talking,

For hours on end:

Sweet months my love,

For years a dear friend.

But, the past is the past,

And there it will stay;

And today is history-in-the making,

Fading second-by-second away.

All that's left now is to dwell upon

How it all came crashing

To such an Ill-Fated end.

I pushed you away—

Wasn't there to break your fall—

And now, Darling, you have

Forsaken my mournful call.

No more time together,

And nevermore to be.

Leaving me wishing for

What we once had,

Holding you close to me.

But, I know it will not happen,

You're with someone else,

Someone who is worth your time,

Your love, your self.

Someone who isn't

And never again will be



L. Kantenseter