I hate being ignored

(You're ignoring me right now.)

I hate it when you pretend

(You're pretending right now.)


Stop pretending.

Stop kidding yourself.

You try your best to be perfect,

But you forget that perfection isn't what I want.


You never listen.

(Listen up.)

You always forget.

(Just remember this.)


You're not perfect.

You never were.

And you're going to ignore all this.

Simply because, you always do.


You're a lie.

(But never a liar.)

You're imperfect.

(Just admit it.)


Clark Kent by night,

Superman by day…

Didn't anyone tell you it was a comic?

Or is there no such thing as you?


You're a fraud.

(Come out from the closet.)

You're not perfect.

(That's all I need to hear.)


Stop trying so hard…

To be something you're not.

That's all I need for you

To be perfect for me.