3. We'll Paint the Town Pink, Cause Red Is So Last Year

It took a special kind of boy not to go after someone who gave him such a low brow sucker punch, one that was bound to affect the economy in one way or another.

Neil sat in the position on the floor, holding his injured tummy until two twenty year old women came into the elevator, looking at him like he was three kinds of stupid. He took their expressions as a cue to get up from the floor. His thoughts roamed away from his humiliation as he stood behind the two women realizing that they were both his type. A kind of passive awareness for them developed after various magazine subscriptions (all in Reese's name), mix and matching the best components of all his favorite actress's (Julia Roberts' nose, Scarlet Johansson's lips) and just plan listening to his most powerful sense (the love below).

The elevator dinged, allowing the two women to leave before he could try out a whole list of pick up lines on them that would chase them off the moment he opened his mouth. It took a special kind of man to think up something so magical-on-the-spot-brilliance! that it would make both of the women fall madly in love with him.

Or at least in like.

He exhaled a breath that he didn't know that he was holding onto, fully taking in the moment of his humiliation. The plan from the morning had been to be set up with JC. Now fate had turned him into her enemy or at least at the top of her Kill Bill style death list. He rubbed his face roughly as the elevator dinged again and he walked into the hallway.

"Not that I want to be with someone who punched me." He shook his head. Every time that he went back to the fact that she caused the pain—one that would leave a fist sized bruise on his body for sure—his fists started clenching. It made him want to hit a wall but that would lead to multiple bruises and would have Richard laughing at him for days.

He walked up to his apartment and opened the door. Already he could hear sounds pouring in of his step father and his mother speaking in what he figured to be their version of hushed tones. He caught a few words here and there but nothing that made much sense to him. He closed the door as quietly and walked towards Reese's room where she was bound to fill him in on all the details of what he missed.

"What's up?" he whispered. He went over and sat on her bed as she watched reruns of The O.C. on mute, using the subtitle function on their DVD player so that she would be able to keep up with it.

"Ryan seemed so much more badass in the first season when he is punching people left and right yet he's hotter in the third season even with the horrible lines they give him," she explained in a whisper. "The hotness either comes from the baby blue eyes or the bigger arms."

Neil ignored his cousin's comment about arms since knowing her it would turn into a debate where she would end up showing him various screen caps of him to prove her point—something that he really didn't need to be educated about.

"What about the parents?" he asked her, continuing in that non-committal way he was well versed in when it came to sharing parental claim-age.

"They sent Richard out of here and me into my room so they could talk about 'child obedience'." She said the last words with bunny ears and gave Neil a look.

He stretched back on the bed, watching as Seth remembered the poem that he had heard Summer recite in elementary school—the one about wanting to be a mermaid.

"Isn't obedience only for dogs?"

Neil's question hung in the air as both of them read on while the voices of the parentals talking about weapons of mass control vibrated on the walls.


JC had ran so quickly into the apartment that she had gotten to be scared about arriving at her aunt's apartment for the first time. She hadn't see her in her aunt since before she had immigrated to the Land of Opportunity's little brother. She wondered if slightly vain Katherine Sima had looked as young as she did in her twenties now. Pictures that she had sent of herself, even ten years later looked as young looking as then but JC didn't know whether it was because of family genes or some expensive stuff.

"Auntie?" JC called out into the house multiple times but no one was answering her back. The door had been half opened like in scary movies. She walked through the house as quietly as she could; not knowing if she should run out the door or grab something from the kitchen to make sure that she would be prepared for a fight if one came. She closed the door before moving deeper into the house. Everything was perfect but then again there weren't always signs of destruction when an intruder was present.

The eerie emptiness of the rooms made her want to go back to Neil's apartment even though she thought she felt that threat of death would keep her away from him. However, it was a matter of expectation. She knew that she would have her feelings hurt there but she didn't know if she would be able to survive whatever happened next as she went into one of the bedrooms.

Finally a source of humanity revealed itself—somewhat. Light poured in from the bathroom as she walked closer, trying not making a sound of any kind to make sure that her arrival would be a surprise. She took a peek inside of the room then screamed bloodily murder.

On the plane to Canada, she had been watching a bootlegged version of I Am Legend. The young Spanish woman she had been sitting beside had been playing it on her DVD and had asked if JC wanted to watch it too. Just like in the movie, in front of her was a super pale skinned vamp standing with its back to her in the same 'hive sleeping' position that the vamps in the movie were in. She could do scary movies as long as there was nothing that reminded her of them.

The vamp moved faster than she had expected as she watched it grab a towel and wrap it around itself.

"What the heck are you screaming about?"

JC dug her toes into the rug to keep herself from running away. She remembered the hardly amused voice of her aunt. A voice that she had heard that morning.

"Aish, why the heck are you standing in vamp sleeping position?" JC sent back. Her aunt gave her one of those dry teenagers-and-hormones looks before she went into the bedroom and shooed her niece out. On closer inspection, JC realized that her aunt still looked young but in that natural kind of way where only skin tightening cream was used. The kind which sickly color screamed 'no chemicals skipped in the making of this product.'

Her aunt came back swiftly and changed into high-waist jeans and a crème colored cardigan. She had the same round face as her but with slightly rounder eyes, small laugh lines, and a small mole on her left cheek. She was the around same height as JC was but by the way she shuffled around the place in her slippers, the teenager guessed that what she lacked in ordinary height she replaced often with high heels.

"Mmhmm." Her aunt made little noises and clucking sounds with her tongue as she circled around her like prey.

Again with the judgment, she thought inwardly. Is it some kind of twisted karma that I have to end up with the fashion obsessed relative?

"You are going to be going to a public school from now on but it's going to be similar to your private schools since they have uniforms now," Katherine explained with a slight eyebrow raise. "But since I knew that you were coming I already orders things for you… I just don't think that it's anything that you might like."

She walked down corridor opened one of the hall closets while JC followed her, wondering what she could have ordered. In Katherine's hands was a pink wool coat, green plaid skirt, white t-shirt blouse with frills, hair band with school emblem and lace flower patterned tights. She didn't even look at all the other 'goodies' that her aunt held out for her uniform but she forced a smile on her face.

This was a fashionista's dream but her nightmare realized. Of course there would be no warning from her parents about her personal taste—of anything that would make her comfortable. Probably a list sent of everything that she hated.

She would be the one to rise above it. This is exactly what her parents told her would happen. The relative who was generous enough to take her in would make sure to settle everything for her and she would show them how ungrateful that she was by complaining. At least that is what they thought about her. She would prove them wrong.

"I didn't really know what to get you so I just asked one of the girls's to help me after calling your mom for your size. School is tomorrow but if you want we can go there on the weekend to exchange things if they aren't your… color," Katherine stated, looking at JC's tom boy clothing and the fashionistas-R-US gear in her hands.

"Thank you for the clothes and for settling up school," she said instead of answering the question. She took the clothes from her beaming aunt and started to hold them up against herself in a manner she guessed a grateful person would do—at least the ones on TV. "I can't wait to wear them tomorrow."


Just strike me down, JC thought as she stood in front of the stairs of her new educational base. It didn't look like a public school in the least with its haute front gardening and grey brick décor. It was a public school la a Manhattan old school architecture but definitely not what she had been thinking of the day before. She would have passed it if her aunt hadn't dropped her off there.

Kids walked to and fro from the building. Some of them giving her stares that she guessed was for the pink jacket when most of them stuck to grey, black, white, all of them super low key.

"Here it is, Melanie! I told you it was pink!"

JC turned around at the voices that were being too loud in the morning. A crowd of maybe three girls came up all around her. All of them were dressed in loud colored coats like the one she was wearing but in a bright red. The words seemed to have come from a brunette who was still pointing at JC's outerwear in an overdramatic fashion.

"I don't have hallucinations before happy hour," she continued as one girl giggled. "Red is so completely last year, Lorie."

"But last year a week ago so the heck should we now to drop our fab coats, Tamera?" the one who giggled asked.

"You should know." The first girl, Tamera, walked so close to the one she has called Lorie's face that she looked about to kiss her before stepping back after noticing a crowd had forming.

"Forget what the color is," the only girl who hadn't spoken said. JC figured that she was the Melanie person, the one in which the conversation was created. The other two seems to have lighter personalities than her since from beginning to end she stared at JC like she had appeared out of nowhere. "Isn't the point that this foreigner has come in to make us look bad? What are you some kind of harajuku girl like the ones with Gwen Stefani?"

She leaned down at JC, looking at her with a quirked brow. JC opened her mouth to respond but was cut off.

"Don't you talk crap about Gwen," a boy, somewhere around her age said as he walked right up beside her and put his arm around her shoulders like they were old friends.

He was tall, coffee de la caramel skinned and had his brown hair shaved down. As he continued to talk about whatever JC stared at his Monroe piercing and ear lobe stretchings instead of listening to him. She didn't even realize that he had led her away from the crowd of girls until he had looked down at her (the first pause he had taken in all of the talking that he did) and asked her if she needed help finding her classes.

"Oh what? Oh yeah… but I need to go get my schedule first," she explained quickly. He nodded, already leading her towards the office.

"Tyrie Geneva," he said as an introduction, making JC crack a smile at the backwards situation. A person was suppose to introduce themselves first, not get all comfy on your body.

"JC," she said back.

He smiled back at her, so brightly that she almost didn't notice the boy in the office looking at her like she had three heads and they were all singing karaoke badly.

But then again, you never forget the first boy you punch (in this time zone, at least).

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