The Veil:

A blood-red curtain

Parted in the center

Shadows beyond

That veil

But is that thin,

Sheer veil enough?

Will it keep back

The shadows

And the gloom?

Day cannot change the night

As night cannot change the day

But is that veil like the night,

Unable to change the day?

Or is it like the day,

Allowing the night to

Slip and slither in,

Taking it over,

Blanketing it in darkness?

But why am I

Standing so close

To this blood-red curtain?

Why am I

Peering beyond, trying to

See what I can see?

Seeing what I do

It frightens me

When the dark

Moves as one

When the shadows

Bend and sway

Beckoning to the curious

Like I

Will that veil protect me?

Or is it just as flimsy

As it appears?

Is it like my common sense

That says play with fire

And get burned?

Or is it like the rest of me,

Playing with that

Selfsame flame

And getting burned?