What Once Was:

A beautiful face

Some meaningful words

A bright smile

A peaceful sea

An open heart

A life with hope

A young love

A hope-filled future

A happy home

A humble soul

A loved one alive

An anticipating teen

An expecting woman

But no more

That beautiful face is broken by a lover's fists

Those once meaningful words are proved to mean nothing.

The bright smile of adoration for his sweetheart is now nonexistent, there is no longer a point. She'll hit him anyway. It doesn't matter to her.

The sea is no longer peaceful, the weather has changed. It is now a churning pool of death to come.

That open heart is now so cold, so hardened to the world. Her love was thrown away as though it meant nothing. Perhaps it did. She finds she cannot love again and possibly experience that same pain of exile.

The once successful young man, with his whole life ahead, one filled with such hope is now continuously drunk. His weakness was found. He thought he was impervious, and then he started drinking. Now he can't stop.

The two high school sweethearts that couldn't get enough of each other until the second year of college found out that honesty is the best policy. The young woman went to a bar alone, telling her man that she was going out with friends, and came home raped. That marriage is in shambles because of the son that looks just like his best friend.

The graduate with so much to look forward to: college, moving out, dating more freely, has just come out to his parents. And now they hate him. They would rather see their son more unhappy than he thought humanly possible than with another man. The son cannot move past their open reject and disgust. He can't take it. One night he takes a gun to his left temple. He pulled the trigger. And now he's dead.

The happy home only lasted while the jobs ran steady and the income was high. Now he sits alone sipping whiskey and eating four-day old bread. And the children shudder when they hear their mother call them. Each is individually afraid of her fists.

Humility learned in the school of hard knocks is almost forgotten when success hits the ego. Now he's so high on himself no one, not even his own loved ones can stand him. It's always, I did this and I did that.

The father stood their and watched his baby girl grow from a helpless babe to a sophisticated woman. Now he can't even watch T.V. without being reminded. A classmate from medical school wanted her. A little too much. She said no. Now she's in the ground and he's in jail for life.

The teen anticipating graduation never gets there. Two weeks before diplomas are handed out he suffers a heart attack while behind the wheel and dies along with the family his car crashed into.

She'd always wanted a child. Her husband died from cancer a month before she found out that she was pregnant. It was all she could do to contain her joy. She missed him terribly but they always had talked about a baby. Her eighth month rolls around. But the baby comes early. He looks so much like his father, same dark curls, same full mouth. But he's dead.

What once was is no more

What once was is lost now

The question becomes

Will it be missed?