The boisterous big blue butterfly bit the big brown bear on his big brown bottom.

The fantastic firefly fish fought a fly for forty-five unforgettable days.

The angry anglerfish aimed an arrow at the adorable angelfish.

Sneaky snails steal superheroes' silly Saturday socks to sleep in.

Pink and purple penguins pick and pinch pink and purple poppies and eat poorly pink and purple pikes for pudding with a pint of pink and purple pictured peas with pompom pie on top of punctured tyres with peppercorns.

A/N- I wrote these when I was about eight or nine. I found them in a school book whilst clearing out some stuff and I thought I might as well put them on here, even though they are rather... strange. I don't have a clue what pompom pie is, or why most of them appear to be themed on animals hurting each other. I always was (and always will be) a strange child...