Wolf Stories: Part II

Title: Fifty Moments In Time

Author: Apple

Pairing: Wolf x Red

Summary: Fifty moments involving our favorite baker and his wolfish True Love.

Rating: T for lots of very non-descript sexual situations

Apple's Note: Yeah, I decided to do the 50 sentences thing for fun. And boy, did I have fun. Some moments in here are considerably canon, others are AU and some won't even happen at all, while quite a few will happen in the far, far, faaaaaaaaaaaar future of Little Red's Fairy Tales. Enjoy.

1. Air

Red often admitted that since Wolf kept appearing in his life so often, that he had become his constant—his rock that kept him sane, to which the silver haired man always replied that if he were the baker's rock to keep him anchored, then Red was the air that he desperately needed to breathe to stay alive.

2. Apples

There were very few things that Wolf both despised and loved at the same time, but none so much as the dreaded Apple for which he hated with all of his might for making Red and himself suffer, but felt he owed everything for bringing the two of them together.

3. Beginning

Once upon a time, there was a little boy who was lost in a town who found his One True Love at the behest of fate…

4. Bugs

Wolf couldn't help, but feel a little guilty every time Red would jump in his arms whenever he yelled, "SPIDERS!"

5. Coffee

Red found that he should stop kissing Wolf in the morning as the coffee taste of his lips and tongue more often than not brought back bittersweet memories to the surface of his already muddled mind.

6. Dark

Whenever Red found himself stuck alone in some dank, dark place, the first thing that popped into his head would be how nice he would feel if he had someone's hand to hold.

7. Despair

He found incredibly ironic that the only time Wolf could hold Red in his arms willingly would be whenever the baker was terribly sad and that it was quite the opposite when the man was terribly chipper (and armed with something particularly painful).

8. Doors

At one point in Red's life, he had been given the choice of three doors: one would lead to Fourteen who was a gentleman who was very fond of him and had everything a person could want; the second went to Wolf of whom had very little to his name and had a wandering nature, but loved him like no other would; the third lead him away from both of these men and gave him the choice to wash his hands of everything—he kicked that door and simply closed his eyes and let Faith walk him in the correct direction of his True Love's door.

9. Drink

Red asked Wolf if he had to choose between giving Red away to someone else to save his own hide or drink all the poison in the world to save him from certain death which one would he choose; Wolf posed in return, "What's the difference?"

10. Duty

Out of the entire world full of weirdo stalkers, disgusting perverts and absolutely fruity fairies only Wolf came out to be the one to love him despite the duty Red had for his godmother.

11. Earth

Wolf knew firsthand how good those slender hands felt, but still suffered sudden shots of jealousy now and again whenever Red chose to blow him off for mucking around in his garden instead.

12. End

Most would have thought that they would have had a fairy tale end; no one expected them to have two kids and several grandchildren besides as well as a few angry royal knights hot on their tails with a demonic entity laughing her ass off as she watched them run like hell.

13. Fall

In truth, Wolf trusted Red about as well as the baker would catch him if he fell; the baker told him that he wouldn't want to catch a mistrustful, annoying pervert in black leather who probably deserved to fall on his butt anyways.

14. Fire

It was next to a roaring fire which made Wolf's amber eyes shine incandescently that made Red come to one very startling realization: he wanted the silver haired man standing before him—and badly.

15. Flexible

Wolf was very glad that he was, in fact, rather well-off, because if he ever felt the need to secure a steady job for himself, he highly doubted that his boss would give him a flexible enough work schedule to fit his random needs to save Red's little tush on a regular basis.

16. Flying

As Wolf slid in and out in rapid fire succession, Red could only describe his first time as something likened to flying; scary and shaky at first, but enjoyable once he got going.

17. Food

There was a pregnant silence as Wolf carefully sampled the meal set out before him; he decided that a content silence was all he could do in response lest he somehow offended Red with some poorly chosen words and he received a walloping from the baker's rolling pin as a result.

18. Foot

During those not-widely-spaced-enough fights that they had Wolf wished he could just yank that foot out of Red's mouth and kiss him into shutting up.

19. Grave

Red wasn't sure about what he regretted more: the fact that he had outlived his husband at the age of 45, or the fact that his husband had wasted his life to save his.

20. Green

Green was never Red's color; however, Wolf always felt some form of possessive pride whenever the baker would appear out of the bedroom, looking extremely disheveled and wearing one of his dark green t-shirts.

21. Head

Neither were ready for such an act—from either of them—and were extremely glad that they never brought it up once when it did eventually happen as they were too busy basking in a very warm afterglow.

22. Hollow

When Wolf left the house after a really nasty spat between them about some of the wanderer's exes, Red couldn't help feeling terrible and empty about his victory on the subject of whether or not the man was a horrible little slut.

23. Honor

Red was ecstatic to have children running around in the bakery; Wolf had originally let the brats visit with them out of honor towards their mothers, but let them stay out of pure joy coming from his lover.

24. Hope

When Red didn't run away from him that one time in Maple Town, Wolf felt like he could scale a mountain of glass and topple six hundred flaming windmills.

25. Light

There were times when even Wolf lamented the fact that Red simply looked too young to be dating him—let alone be near him, but the man could easily toss such thoughts aside whenever he was able to scoop the light figure of the man into his arms without so much as a grunt of effort.

26. Lost

After finding out that the love of his life and his childhood crush were indeed one and the same, Wolf was extremely glad that he kept getting lost and always finding himself back in Baker Town without fail every single time.

27. Metal

The very last thing Red had expected from Wolf was any sort of concrete commitment, but there it was—a shining proof of what hopes and dreams they would build together, circled delicately around his finger.

28. New

Wolf had gotten so used to the routine of coming to Red's rescue that when the red cloaked man turned around and saved him for once it threw him for three whole loops and then some!

29. Old

Whenever the leather clad man caught the baker staring intently at him, then quickly turned away with a red hot blush in his cheeks, he swore that he would never grow tired of that look on Red's face.

30. Peace

It was in those rare moments of peace did Wolf ever thank the Ironic Overpowers for anything—especially for the beautiful man lying naked in his arms.

31. Poison

One day Wolf had asked Red if he would drink poison for him and as a reply, he received an all-purpose anti-poison medicine bottle to the head.

32. Pretty

Nothing pissed the baker off more than being told he was pretty, though, for some odd reason, his companion often got off scott free without so much as a bump on his head every time he said it.

33. Rain

One of the things that first attracted Red to Wolf was that, though he was scruffy looking, he smelt as fresh and clean as a spring drizzle.

34. Regret

Lying there in a tangled mess, sweat glistening on their bodies, smelling of the deed, Red came to one very clear headed conclusion: he regretted never having done this sooner.

35. Roses

Their romance was nowhere ordinary or even fairy tale like as Red wasn't a damsel, he wasn't a prince and the love of his life had just used the bouquet of roses he had given him for their two year anniversary as a very effective sort of bludgeoning stick against a troll.

36. Secrets

One thing he made sure never to tell Red was that sometimes, inexplicably, he would call out Red's name when he had been dating Morgan all those years ago.

37. Snake

Wolf wondered if he shouldn't tell Red every one of his deepest, darkest secrets as he found a snake in his bed the very next morning, because the baker had a habit of testing to see if said secrets were indeed true.

38. Snow

As the snow fell down like tiny feathers floating down from angels' wings, Wolf and Red were glad for the warmth the other gave off as they huddled together in the cold.

39. Solid

It was always fun to watch Red and Wolf together as they had a way of brightening each other's lives by simply just being there.

40. Spring

Springtime is Red's most hated time of the year; he hates it because this is the one time of year that he cannot blame Wolf for his overactive pervertedness.

41. Stable

As rolled together in the hay, Red gave Wolf an ultimatum: "In the bedroom, but not at all."

42. Strange

As the silver haired man dressed in his grandmother's night things pulled him in for a passionate kiss, he wondered at the back of his mind how he had never felt such a delicious sensation before…

43. Summer

Wolf loved the summer—it was the only time he got to see Red half naked without the man insulting him or generally throwing a fit.

44. Taboo

If there was ever one thing Wolf knew never ever to do around Red Reaper—it was to try to seduce him in the middle of making a soufflé.

45. Ugly

Red was amazed at how protective Wolf was about his mother as he stared down the brute who dared insult her intelligence—he vaguely wondered what would have happened had the guy called her ugly.

46. War

Wolf blinked as he found a blob of mashed potatoes on his nose and a baker giggling behind his hand; glaring, he said, "This is war," then promptly shot back some peas.

47. Water

Red preferred getting water from rivers, streams and ponds—and only if they weren't near a hill or any high place in particular; Wolf could never blame him for never wanting to fetch water at a place similar to where his parents had died.

48. Welcome

As the door creaked open, two small bodies came rushing out to greet him affectionately, screaming joyfully at the sight of him; the love of his life came after them, saying nothing and everything with just a smile from his freckled face.

49. Winter

Wolf likened Red to winter: he was cold and chilly at first, but one day he would become as warm and inviting as the spring.

50. Wood

The first time they woke-up in each other's arms, there was a rather (un)pleasant surprise waiting for them…