For the first seventeen years of my life I've had an obsession with mythical creatures, especially the Lycanthrope. Never did I actually believe they existed. Then I met Victor.

I moved to Arizona from Florida after my parents died in a tragic car crash. Ever since that day I have been very distant from people.

I wanted to be with Victor but after I found out what he truly was I was afraid. I feared my life and I was too scared to be with him. Then I got attacked by a goup of lycans and I needed their help. I then realized I wanted to be with him and be like him.

To be without Victor would be completely devastating, this is my story of how I ended up with him.

Chapter 1:

Bus Trouble

My bus came at 6:30, it was now 6:20. I looked at the digital clock on my dresser and almost screamed. 'Why didn't George wake me up?!" I thought frantically trying to untangle the black silk sheets that now held me captive.

I pulled open my closet door with such force that I broke off the ornate handle. "Damn!" I muttered furiously pulling my black jeans off of the hanger. I grabbed a white button-up T-shirt, a black tie, and my HIM belt and heartagram belt buckle. I quickly laced my Converses and rushed downstairs.

I looked at the brown hard wood table and noticed a messily scribbled message "You'd better have a damn good explanation, George," I said picking up the note and squinting just so I could read it:

"Had to run, Alexa, had a meeting with the attorney about your parents' insurance policy.



P. S. Don't miss the bus!"

It was now 6:25. I cursed loudly and ran out the door brushing my hair in the process.

The bus was just coming when I got out the door. I groaned because I was still groggy.

It was my first day at my new school and I had almost missed the bus! The bus driver looked at me annoyed and we began our departure for the school.

I noticed a few kids staring at me and whispering to their friends. I knew I wasn't making much of a first impression. If you believe in stereotypes I do come of as the "Gothic" type. I turned on my iPod but kept it low incase anyone wanted to actually talk to me.

One of the girls got up and took the seat behind me. Just looking at her I knew this was going to end in a fight. She had a sky blue polo shirt on with a short white skirt. I could tell that her bleach blond hair was fake since it didn't match her dark brown eyebrows.

"My name's Emily, are you new?" She had the most annoying high pitched voice and I could hear her friends giggling and laughing in the background.

I turned my iPod off and turned to glare at her, "Yes I am, though I don't think it's any of your business who I am." George always said I had an intimidating look in my eyes, like I was the alpha female in a wolf pack.

Emily stared directly into my eyes to try to make me back down. I could tell she was nervous and she was going to back down first. This was a dominance fight.

She quickly averted her eyes, then looked at me again, "I'm head bitch at this school, don't try to challenge that."

We pulled into the school and everyone quickly filed out of the bus.