I dreamed a dream

Where I sat upon a gilded throne

Clothed in robes of velvet

And I was frightened

He who by me sat

Had chosen me to be his

But eyes held no interest

As he surveyed the goings on

An old man came forward

Who called himself wise

And in his wrinkled hands

He held a golden crown

It was towards me he walked

Treading upon a golden carpet

And as nearer he drew

I became more frightened

The people in hall

Were still and faceless

As I panicked

As the crown loomed closer

Closer, closer, closer

My skin crawled

I could feel its weight on my head

Breaking my neck

The old man stood now before me

The crown rose up over my head

It began to lower

Something was ending

Lower, lower, agonizingly lower

Something was ending

Something was dying

This was wrong

The crown was too close

Something snapped as the world spun

I screamed and clawed

The crown touched my scalp

It burnt me

It burnt my hands as I threw it off

It crashed to the ground but remained whole

For someone else

The old man stared

The young man stared

All the faceless crown stared

Impassive as life remains for them

I ran

The only blurry movement

Through the thick, empty space

Towards the widening door

The velvet robes clawed and tripped at me

Nonexistent eyes glittered at me

Murmurs forming silently

Calling me mad as they suppressed longing

The same

The young man sat and knew

The crown lay waiting

As I scream and run

Fear was chasing me

I was wrong

It was all wrong

The weight violated and held me back

Screams, screams, screams

Ripping from my throat

Where was the door?

I am wise