I am the forgotten one

Who heard not the captain's call

I turn and see the horses' tails

As my friends ride for the wall

I turn back to the foe at hand

I am not afraid to die

Here are legions to defeat

There's no time to ask why

With a shout I raise my sword

Battle cry flowing in my veins

Drawing strength from walls behind

My city echoes every strain

I am the forgotten one

But I fight with my brothers still

They lay mangled at my feet

Offer me their fighting will

I hear whips crack behind me

As my comrades ride away

I am jealous they will live

To serve my city one more day

These thoughts are forced far back

Images sweep into view

My sword—a ray of light

Makes one head into two

I will never feel the surety

Of walls of white surrounding me

But still I cleave fell creatures

So my people safe will be

I am the forgotten one

Left in the retreat

I wonder if I will be buried

As a blade is buried in me