Because Thine eyes shall never cease to watch,

Thy gaze ne'er wavers, focused on Thine art.

Thine eyes will never leave, all thoughts they catch

And pierce like daggers through my mind and heart.

My heart, laid bare, is where all sins begin;

My muddied brain contains clean knowledge none.

Marred wisdom, naught but foolishness, will end.

But Thine, unceasing, burns past death of sun.

But knowing this does not make me oppressed:

My heart is vuln'rable, its walls as glass,

My simple thoughts made plain, but I am blessed

For you know all and need no questions ask.

I need not trust my erring mind or heart,

But mind of God, unfath'mable Thou art!


Where could I had from Thy sight, O my God?

For even though I take the greatest pain,

North and South are broken fetters trod,

East and West cannot Thee bind nor chain.

Though I may scale the misty mountains old

And ride from set of sun until the dawn,

And then I tread all day all valleys cold,

I cannot lose Thy sight nor 'scape Thy palm.

Though Thy immensity remains unchecked

And fills all up beyond eternity,

Outside of time, but yet remains this fact:

You choose to fill and be contained in me.

If I You name as residence and home,

Consecrate and make this heart Thine own.


Let the trumpet sound and quake in fear.

The mountains wane and fall; the stones cry out;

The sinners wail; Thy countenance is near.

The fiery steeds run rampant: where is doubt?

And from Thy path all evil demons fly,

And highest archangels fall at Thy feet.

Great conqueror of kings, You ne'er shall die,

And just one word could smite all 'neath Thy seat.

And yet, Thy seat is mercy and is grace

And of holy, over-arching love.

The Son, begotten, sinners did embrace,

So brought me, welcome, to Thy realm above.

By might in hell all evil can'st Thou keep.

Thy sword protects and whispers me to sleep.