Planet snow outside, the buildings
All know my lament and they mourn with me
Silently each day as my own
Melancholy dispostion escapes
Through frozen lips, stops at the walls,
Reverberates and the situation
Disintegrates. Dead inside. No.
No more fragments, no more thoughts, I couldn't
Say it doesn't hurt, couldn't lie
And say I don't still miss you. Planet snow.
Frozen solid chest. It's funny
How everything can disappear, tumble
Down, fall apart; one pole can't hold
A falling sky, can't hold back all the snow.
The situation left you here
Frozen with me solidly, right here in
My line of sight. But where the fuck
Are you! I couldn't speak, couldn't ask, I
Couldn't confess the mess you left
Me buried in and I couldn't ask, I
Couldn't beg, couldn't plead: Baby,
Where the fuck are you!

There's planet snow, it's here all year.
Baby, where are you. There's no point, reason,
There is no world here. Fell apart.
Where are you.