He Doesn't.

He's tall

He's strong

He's handsome

He's mine in your dreams

The girls swoon whenever he passes

They all blush deep maroon whenever he smiles

They admire his hair

Blonde, so fair

They love his eyes

Beautiful, never shy

On Valentine's ladies press near

Boasting their shine, here

Saying I wish he was mine, there

It's all a heated competition

Any mistake means serious humiliation

But he refuses them all

Go home, go away

I don't want you today

Nor tomorrow, nor any day, but anyway

He doesn't care

He doesn't want to share

He doesn't want to hear and know later that

All her I love you's were fake in the end

He doesn't want to cry

When the time comes for them to part

Broken into two, his fragile dear heart

He's just a boy

He doesn't want to be played with

Like a woman's pretty toy

He doesn't want to be pushed around

He doesn't want to fall down

And start over

There's a single female he's set his eyes upon

Her birthday's soon

He's invited and accepted without consideration

Yes, I'll come, with no hesitation

Before she makes her awaited wish

He leans over and hugs her tight

He touches her hair, sleek and long

He whispers in her ear

I love you, Mom.


A/N:. Happy Valentine's Day everyone:3