Slip. Fall & Break A Bone ((Cupid Style))

Valentine's Day was wonderful.

At nine in the morning, the town was blanketed in a foot of snow. The streets were serene as the older residents had left for work while the younger ones were home from school. The showers had stopped recently, and the streets had yet to be shoveled. Just the way she liked it.

She skipped down the street, her black boots leaving light footprints behind her. She halted in the middle of the street, looking out from under her red beanie while clapping her mittened hands together excitedly. It was a beautiful day.

A groan sounded besides her and she jumped about a mile into the air. The hunched figure moaned once more, and looked up, brown bangs framing a pained but well defined face.

"And what's weather like you doing in a girl like this?" he managed.

She grinned, "That line is so old. You look like crap."

His face twisted in sarcastic humor, "Thanks."

"No problem."


"You didn't answer my question."

She contemplated this before placing, "Well, tell me why you're in pain first. And I'll tell you all about my devious plans."

"Not completely fair," he straightened a little against the pole, shooting her a sideways look. "But okay. See, one of my really good friends just broke up with her boyfriend."

"Uh-oh," she muttered.

"And," he continued, ignoring her, "They belong together. So I did some scheming because it's Valentine's Day and all. Set him up to walk in when I was about to kiss her while she was trying to get away. Boyfriend beats me up, gets the girl and all is right in the world."

"Except for your face," she points out.

He gives her a dimpled grin, "Yeah, except for that."

"Well, you are a very good friend."

"Thank you. But I do believe its your turn."

A giddy smile lights up her face, "See that house right there? Aiden lives there. And about two houses down is Kaleigh's house. "

"Girl next door?" he raises an eyebrow.

"Yeah. Wait, no. Maybe? Anyway, they like each other but are extremely shy. So I'm just going to give them a nudge in the right direction."

"By doing what exactly?"

"Well, I called Kaleigh and asked if her if she wanted to get some coffee. And I'm going to call Aiden right now and have him come out. When he does, I'll throw a snowball at him and he'll end up chasing me all the way too Kaleigh's house. When Kaleigh comes out, a snowball will so conveniently be thrown at her to send her after Aiden. And while they are in snowball bliss, I will hop around the corner to the little Dunkin' Donuts and mull my victory over a nice White Hot Chocolate."

"Seems…a little extravagant."

"Nothing's too extravagant when it comes to Cupid's work," she grinned impishly, "Trust me."

He chuckled, the action soon sending him wincing in pain again.

"Well, I guess I'll see you around," She knelt to the ground and scooped some snow into a small, flat ball. She held her hand out, palm out, "Here. You're starting to bruise."

He gave her a smile of thanks which is returned before skipping out across the street, her cell phone already glued to her ear.

"Hey, Aiden? I was wondering…."

She slipped into the Dunkin' Donuts and pulled off her hat, the Volcom label dusted with snow. Her hair had curled slightly from the moisture and she had an extra bounce in her step. Cupid's work called for -

Her thoughts cut off as her eyes landed on the table for two set in the center. He looked up, a grin spreading across his handsome (bruised) face. He lifted up the extra Styrofoam.

"White Hot Chocolate?"

Yeah, Valentine's Day was wonderful.