Dripping down the windowsill,
the air is getting colder.
I give you the cold shoulder when you don't persist to stay.
I don't toast the ruined nights
of spiraling to doomed delight
but what's it take to say I wish that things hadn't changed?

If I could tell you, I would tell you
everything I ever felt and everything I want to say.
My world revolves a different way but I pray
that it will save you before shattered mirrors come to take you away.

I remember when you would enter through my front door
with a grin plastered on clean teeth.
"The welcome mat's disheveled but you're welcome here, always."
And now you walk the other way
with smoke falling from your pockets
and rings of black eye sockets, seconds of taking pain away.

What could I do if it meant saving you?
I'd rescue you from yourself if you let me, so let me.
I'd do anything for you
if you're afraid of facing the truth, whatever it may be,
you know that you can count on me.

Once and always beautiful,
he could walk alone and still have me by his side.
But he's losing everyone and everything,
and I fear my worries are meaning nothing.
I have nothing left to lose.
But I'll admit that I have secrets too,
a thousand days of hopelessness when he walked in the room.
I fear that it's too late to say "I may have loved you"
but if love remains then what's to say?
"The rest is up to you."