I've been sleeping for a dream,
waking up to pillows pressed against my forehead.
Another early morning
in a new town's masquerade.
I'm wearing masks with hearts labeled along the insides,
telling you, "I'm daring you to look at me."
Eyes of silver are worth more than gold to me
but prices I won't pay
as my figure walks these hallways.
And my mask may penetrate the lives of someone
but I'd like for you to know
that your mask does the same for mine.
And I wake up every morning with a smile, with a chance,
never knowing or looking back upon a missed opportunity.
So smile at me 'cause I won't tell you anything I feel for you.
I won't ask a place or time as long as we exist at all.
And last night when I dreamed of you,
my gut instinct was to talk to you
and we talked for hours in the middle of a busy street.
And I walked away so swiftly but the smile had never left my face;
you're putting this mask in it's place.
I don't want to be alone.
And the following night in my dream,
you came forward to speak to me,
you said "I noticed you were smiling when I walked away from you.
And I want to let you know that I was smiling too
so speak to me again, we can smile and laugh our deepest thoughts away."
And I complied and we were standing there through these sour days.
And wars waged on behind us
but we turned our backs away
to face our faces and open mouths
aghast with chains and inside jokes.
Feeling never felt so real when it wasn't real at all,
but I see you in my waking days
and I wonder if you notice me at all.