I walked down the shore with your hand in mine,
no footprints regarding the steps left behind
with crowded passages hanging around my neck.
The iciness stings at my skin as I pass
and emptier waters cling closer to me
to fill me with thirst that's quenched with the need
of growing up and passing down traditional airs
of breaking up and breaking down to personal cares.

Deeper I tread, I follow the tides.
The moon is on my side.
Take me home, sweep me away,
sweep me away from this town.

The currents are rising, the sky turns to black.
The map in my eyes reads "Never look back."
Passing through wreckage of my sunken ships
brought down from the flames of looser lips.
I let go of your hand as you led me to water
to drown and to dream, to save and to swallow.
Swimming in place with my hands at my sides,
sinking through space with a thorn in my spine.