I want to call this a poem but it isn't..

Poems are light and airy; full of love and emotion

I want to call this a hate letter but it isn't..

Hate letters tear people apart inside; filled with cruel emotions

I guess this is a Diary, A diary of my feelings towards you,

So here it goes:

Dear Diary,

Ya were my friend for some time

Actually nevermind this doesn't feel like a diary,

I'm just going to write a letter to you

Dear T,

I loved you, loved you like a friend.

You were like my idol though, not my friend

I looked up to you, I worshipped your walk and I agreed with you on everything

You just looked at me, eating up all my respect and worship. Yoo didn't treat me like a friend..

Yoo took me for granted...

It hurts to write this letter because the truth is pouring out...

At first I tried to deny everything..and told lies to myself..but lies are still lies even when you stamp "Da Truth" on them

I guess I'm trying to tell you, you hurt me in ways not possible

In ways only a friend could hurt a friend, but you were never my friend...