By: Kira Bouviea'

I see you standing over there

Selling your soul for material wears.

I watch as all the men stare

Not for your soul, little do they care.

They all act like their picking a prized mare.

No they do not care that you want to be part of an unbreakable pair.

I want you to know that it's for you, your soul I care.

To make and advance, do I not dare?

Though I fear that it's my heart that you'll tear.

That you'll make it never ever leave it's lair.

I will breathe deeply this morning air

My heart tells me that I do not err.

I walk up to you my lady fair.

It is to you that I lay my heart bare

I shiver like a frightened hare as you start to glare

"Who made you this way, made you so scared?"

I refuse to answer; instead look at your glistening hair.

Starting to leave, my heart so raw, I need to go, but to where?

I hear you call my name and try to run, determined you catch me like a bear.

Before I can speak you look into my eyes and startled I see your feelings, so raw.

Stop living like this, you know I don't care how expensively you wear.

Live for us, you know we can be an unbreakable pair.

Your smile so pure I know my heart was right and it has not erred.

And happily does this story end, of me and my lady fair.