Blood Moon

The cool breeze gently rocked the tree into a sweet slumber; the spring air held silence and passed around its sweet energy. The night swelled with unseen power, a lone shadow walked slowly beneath the trees. A low ring came from the shadow's coat; a hand reach into its pocket. "Yeah." A deep voice echoed into the night air, the shadow stepped into the light of the park lamp that shone above. The shadow was a man about six feet tall, his jet black hair gleamed under the light. His dark eyes looked bored with the current conversation he was engaged in. "I'll be there." He quickly closed his cell phone and sighed.

His black leather jacket fit his body closely against the muscles of his chest; a red dress shirt was underneath. He slid the phone into his baggy black jeans and he continued walking. The full moon was out and his body craved to run underneath it, it wanted to morph into the beast it was, a werewolf. He yawned, too much fresh air did that to him; his white fangs flashed quickly. He finally made to his destination, his house; mail hung out of his mail box and he quickly slammed the gate that lead to his front door shut.

He opened the door, threw the keys on his side table the door, took his jacket off and hung it on the rack. He walked into the living room and heard a click go off, he froze 'That sounds like a gun.' A small chuckle made its way through his ears, he knew right then it was a woman's laugh. "Don't move, I'd hate to shoot you." He relaxed and sighed. "What are you doing here?" He moved and no gun shot went off, he flicked on his lamp. The woman sat there looking more amused than pissed, she wore tight black jeans and a long leather trench coat.

Her gun sat in her lap, a small smirk pulled at the edges of her mouth. "Aiden you really need to lock your house better." Aiden shook his head and walked slowly into his kitchen. "Like I said, what are you doing here?" He pulled out a beer from his fridge and snapped the top off. He sauntered back into the living room and he felt her eyes upon him, He flung him self on his favorite chair and yawned. "Well?" She put her gun inside her leather coat; she slowly stood and took the beer from his hands. "I hate drinking. I'm here because you didn't come to work today." He sighed.

"Maybe, it's because everyone at work wants to kill me." She chuckled and sat on the arm of his chair. He looked up at her with a sullen look on his face 'She just doesn't get it.' He sat up and looked her straight in the eye, Aiden sighed for what seemed like the hundredth one today. "Becca, just go I don't wanna deal with this right now." Becca aka Rebecca; she shrugged and slowly got to her feet. "Just remember Aiden, you gotta come to work some time." He nodded and she left, leaving Aiden by himself in his lonely place of a house.

He sighed rather loudly while ripping himself from his comfortable chair, to briskly run up his flight of stairs. He flung his bedroom door open and ran to the window; sure enough there was Becca in her room. A small smile crept onto his once harsh features, he watched as she slowly took her leather coat and put on her bed. This was his daily routine, his sweet torture; Ever since he met her two years ago he's had a crush, well at least to him it was a crush, well to his mind. That's why everyone at work wanted to kill him; He worked for an assassin group and his co-workers didn't like his crush on their top female killer too much.

She then slowly peeled of her red shirt also laying it on her bed; Becca stretched which she executed with such a feline grace. He memorized her every curve, her every hidden muscle and he sighed longingly. "Meh." His favorite word to use when nothing else seemed appropriate; He moved closer to the window and placed his hand on the cool window. She now laid on her bed endlessly typing on her laptop; His chest rose and fell with each ragged breath that left his lungs. He moved slowly from the window and gave Becca one last look, her long hair moved behind one ear as she moved to place more hair behind her other ear.

He closed his blinds slowly and walked to his bed, it had red sheets and two black pillows. It was incredibly big for just one person, but occasionally he'd have the lady of the evening in there with him doing nothing close to honorable actions. Becca knew of his 'adventures' and now he kind of wished she didn't. He looked up at the ceiling while slipping off his shirt; he flopped onto his fluffy bed and let out a loud yawn. He slowly closed his eyes and the last image that he saw before he dozed off was of Becca.