Chapter 6 (SEX

Chapter 6 (SEX!! don't say I didn't warn you)

A month passed, they both still did their job. They decided that they couldn't risk their job by being cute with each other, so they kept it quiet… outside the fact that Cole knew. Aiden now sat alone in his office, with his glasses low on the bridge of his nose. He rubbed his eyes thinking that the stress would soon leave him, there was a knock at the door that broken him out of his temporary comfort. "It's open." The door slid open and Mikel stepped into the room, his icy eyes bore holes into Aiden's skull.

"How are you today Aiden? I haven't heard much from you today, you okay?" Aiden pulled off his glasses and gave a small smile. "Yeah just a lot of requests for my protection this month." Mikel nodded as he sat down on the edge of Aiden's desk, Aiden shivered as he felt a cold energy drafted into the room. Mikel lightly chuckled. "Enough of the chit-chat…" His accent was coming out and Aiden was slightly taken back. Mikel stood up and placed two hands on his desk, "We can't have you dating my lovely Rebecca, you see she's mine okay." Aiden raised an eyebrow and licked his lips. "With all do respect Mikel; it's none for your goddamn business." Mikel stepped back with his hands in the air; a sly smirk was now plastered onto his face. "Sorry, I just wanted to inform you. So you could know when to back off, enjoy it while you can."

And with that Mikel left the room, Aiden shivered as he shut the door, closing off his room from the energy Mikel released. He sighed as he realized that this was just going to get worse and he needed some allies if things were going to get bad.

Aiden now sat in dark office, with candles lighting up the desk and doorway; Aiden tapped on the desk and man's head popped up. "Sam, I need some help." Sam, a twenty-two year old fellow werewolf, a gold band shone around his left ring finger as he clapped on the lights. "Sorry about the darkness, I was in the middle of researching." Aiden waved a hand at him.

"No biggie, I was just wondering if you could help me I'm having a slight problem." Sam smirked, stood up and walked to his bookshelf as he put back a huge book. "I heard, so you're dating Becca, you know you're going to get slaughtered for this." Aiden blinked. "Wait? Not you too!" Sam laughed while plopping back down into his chair. "Oh no, I'm married you know that by now; my wife would kill me if I dated the girl she made." Sam's wife Genève was a certified old vampire, a good looking one to be exact. Genève was the vamp that bit Rebecca when she was younger; they are inseparable; when Sam joined the group he tried so hard to get the attention of Genève but she wouldn't look his way because he was a werewolf, finally she started to notice him and they became married then mated for life.

"I can help you though; Genève would kill me if anything happened to Becca, then I have something that might help. You sure you want it?" Sam used to be in a pack, a great Garm (medicine man, does the magic and ceremonies and watches over the Fenris) but times were changing and so was his pack so they left magic behind and went to modern practices, Sam was left behind. Aiden rubbed his temples and he nodded. Sam smiled and ran to his book shelf.

"Then do I have you the best god damn thing out there." He pulled a lever which made one of the bookshelves turn, a small lab table now sat in the room. Potions were bubbling in test tubes and a small blood agitator, large beakers and chemicals were strewn across the table. "Ah here it is." He picked up a canister and shoved it into Aiden's arms, knocking him back a few steps. "What is it…?" He opened it and gave a good sniff; he began to cough and sneezed wildly. "What the hell Sam!" Sam chuckled as he scanned through his bookshelf.

"Sorry should have told you it was a bit strong, oh well you know now. AH!" He pulled a small book out and handed it to the slightly depressed Aiden. "Read that book, it should tell you everything." Aiden's eyebrow twitched. "Sam! You haven't even told me what the hell this is." Sam stopped and raised an eyebrow. "You don't know, oh yeah I forgot you were a lone wolf for a long time." He walked closer to Aiden and opened the book he was holding, the title read 'Wolfs Bane'

"Aiden, Wolfs Bane is usually bad for werewolves, well to most, but if you use it right you can basically eliminate the weakness to silver and give you an extra power boost." Aiden's eyes widened as he looked at all the ancient pictures, all of different werewolves and packs and how they reacted to the Wolfs Bane. "So how will I know if it works with me?" Sam sighed. "I know you don't like to talk about it but….What pack was you bitten or born from?"

Aiden froze, he never talked about that or even told anyone about where he was from. When he killed his ex-girlfriend he permanently hid the past. When he dated Hilary he was in a great pack, he was going to fight for leadership but his job found out what he was, and his girlfriend found out and began cheating on him. They argued everyday about how it he was a Werewolf and that she feared for her life. Aiden licked his lips, "I'm from Lykanthropos." Sam chuckled as he patted Aiden the back and he walked him back to the desk. Aiden smiled and sat down in the comfortable chair, "Lykanthropos eh, descendants of the great King Lycaon. A great pack, a little too uptight if you ask me."

Sam and Aiden laughed and he opened the book again, scanning the pages his head shot up with a great smile on his face. "Well Aiden looks like you lucked out; it works with your pack. So here's what you need to do; just liquidate the leaves and put it in a syringe and shoot it into your heart." Aiden flinched.

"…My heart? Wouldn't that hurt a bit?" Sam shrugged and slid the book back to Aiden; Aiden sighed but took the book. His glanced at Sam and lightly frowned. "Will this work?" Sam nodded as he clapped off his lights, leaving Aiden in the dark again. Aiden left the room, holding the book, canister and syringe; He scoffed and went back to his office.

"Love, are you in here?" Becca pushed the door to Aiden's office open; Papers were strewn all over his desk, and the canister that Sam gave him. She picked up the can and sniffed it; raising an eyebrow she put it back down and called out for Aiden again. "Aiden?" She head a water running in his bathroom, she slowly walked to the bathroom to see the sink full of blood and Aiden sitting against the wall with his hands clutching his head. "Aiden! What happened?" He didn't answer, the faucet was broken and water kept spewing out of it. Blood dripped from Aiden's hand onto the white marble floor; he slowly looked up at her with his blood red eyes which she had never seen. "Aiden what happened here?" He slightly chuckled. "I took some Wolfs Bane." She looked back at the desk and saw the silver canister.

"Is that what's on the desk, Love isn't that bad for your kind?" He shook his head and tried to pull himself to his feet, she pushed him down. "Don't move, so why are you taking Wolfs Bane?" He let out a breath he didn't know he was holding. "So I can protect us from the others and them trying to kill me." She sat back all the while trying to avoid the water and blood that was pooling in the middle of the floor. "Love, they can't do anything. Not if I have a say so, anyways you're strong enough so please don't stab yourself anymore, it looks like it would hurt." He tried to laugh but stopped because of the pain. "Come on lets get you home."

She stopped in front of his house and helped him to the front door; he kissed her on the cheek and smiled. "Thank you babe, you can go home if you want." She shook her head; she opened the door and led him to the couch. "You're slightly high off power; I can't expect you to be able to take care of yourself." He chuckled. "But I'm fine, see look I healed up."

She laughed. "I said high not hurt." He sat down slightly defeated by the fact that Rebecca wouldn't let him take care of himself. Aiden looked up at Becca and smiled, even though he felt less of a man because she was here helping him; she sat down next to him and snuggled into his chest. Aiden winced; worried Becca turned her head to him. "Does it hurt there?" He nodded and quickly switched her position by lightly forcing Aiden to lay his head down in her lap. She gently played with his hair, lightly scrapping her nails along his scalp. A low growl rumbled in Aiden's chest and she smiled.

"Are you purring, oh my god you're purring!" He lightly frowned and shook his head. "I'm not purring, I'm growling." She laughed. "Yeah sure, that's what they all say." She moved from his hair to behind his ear; Aiden's eyes automatically slipped closed and he smirked. She grinned down at him as an evil thought crossed her mind; she leaned down and lightly licked the side of his head causing Aiden's eyes to fly open. She sat back up chuckling and began to rub his ear again. Aiden nuzzled his face deeper into her lap, taking in her scent which he never paid so much attention too. The more he took in her scent the faster he began to drift off to sleep, Becca smiled down at him and slowly slid out from underneath him.

Aiden groaned he rubbed his eyes as he sat up; he looked around to see Becca was no longer there. He frowned slightly sad that she left him but his nose twitched as he smelt something in the kitchen. He slowly walked into the kitchen, still a little woozy from the Wolf's Bane he took, stumbling in he smiled as he saw a plate of cookies and a sandwich with a posted note on it. He picked up the note which read, "Sorry I left but I have a mission to do, I'll check up on you later love." He put the note down and grabbed the food that she left him.

The night was calm and the weather started to warm up even more than the previous weather, Becca slammed the car door. She knocked on the door, she grimaced as blood stained Aiden's door. The door slowly opened and Aiden stood in the doorway shirtless with a toothbrush in his mouth. Becca smirked, "Going somewhere love?" Aiden shook his head and stepped aside.

The house was filled with warm prickling air; Becca rubbed her forearms and chuckled. "What have you been doing in here?" Aiden shrugged. "Working out, eating, and stuff like that. How was your mission?" He slowly walked into the kitchen and spit into the sink; Becca grinned and stuck her hands in the sink to wash the blood off. "Well…It was great, Perfect kill, In and out." Aiden chuckled as they both walked to the living room.

"Shut it you pervert." Aiden threw himself on the couch and wiggled an eyebrow. "You know you love it." She smiled and took the chance to launch herself at the very comfortable Aiden; He wrapped his arms around her and chuckled. His mind was too far in the gutter to take this act of cuddling as innocent, a grin grew on his face as his hands traveled down her back. She shivered when his hands found their way up the back of her shirt; his fingertips lightly massaged her back causing her eyes to fall shut. He pulled her closer and placed his grinning mouth on her neck, he lightly nipped down her neck leaving small trails of flushed skin down her neck.

He licked the pulsing vein that tempted him , He moved his hands from the back of her shirt to the front letting his hand rest on her stomach. Tired of not doing anything while he assaulted her with kisses and light caresses, she pushed him down so that he was on his back with her straddling his waist. His grin grew larger as he silently thanked gravity for the pressure she was applying to his lower half.

His hand skillfully popped the front of her jeans and slipped his other hand inside of them, she gasped as his warm hand touched the lower part of her stomach. She moved against him, the friction between them grew stronger and ignited the room. Both were breathing heavily and decided that they were both wearing too many clothes to get anywhere. Aiden removed his hand from the inside of her jeans and quickly made way to push them down; she got off of him and kicked off the annoying jeans. She grinned as she slowly climbed back over him, his eyes glazed over by lust and a dark smile on his face he pulled her lips to his and devoured them for his own.

Twelve o'clock, on the couch both just mapping each other's body finding all the scars they had. Aiden's mind was reeling, it was never like this with anyone else, and it never felt as important as it did now. Her hands traced his chest memorizing each and every muscle that her hand ran across.

One-Thirty, on the living room floor Aiden was kissing paths down her stomach lightly biting as he kissed. She lightly groaned, as she dug her fingers into his hair; her hips bucked as his tongue reached the long awaited treasure that she was hiding from him. He inwardly groaned slowly getting addicted to taste she was create, her low moans reverberated off the walls.

Three-twenty four, Aiden through Becca onto his bed both out of breath and completely lost to the world around them. He licked his lips which we're still saturated from the juices that freely flowed from inside of her, his mind clouded with the thoughts of bringing her to the highest of pleasure. Both stark naked, neither being self-conscious about their scars or birth marks that shone in the blind light of the full moon. The light shone through the window on their sweat glistened bodies which moved in time with each other, each thrust and movement brining them closer to the stage they were looking for.

Their movements became frantic, realizing how close they really were, the room filled with nothing but dirty words and moaned-out names. Bloody scratch marks zigzag'd down his back and teeth marks and rug burn on her. It was like a war, both not giving up, both not getting tired but both receiving something from the other. She cried out, which he swore could be heard from blocks away but he quickly lost that thought as she tightened around him. He couldn't think straight as he continually thrusted within her bringing himself closer, which he finally found. With one hip shattering thrust he cried out her name and collapsed, holding himself up on his arms.

She smiled up at him before she kissed the pounding veins that his arm presented and he smiled back, finally taking everything that just happened in. In the back of his head…he was scared. What if this was it? What if this what he only wanted? He shook his head and continued to smile down at Becca; he kissed her on the lips and removed himself from her. He flopped down onto his back and pulled Becca closer to him, with her hand tangled with his over his chest.

They both stared at the ceiling, silent, both just enjoying each others company; Aiden turned to look at her, his eyes soft and he chuckled. He moved a red strand of hair out of her eyes and she tried to bite his finger, he tapped her nose and Becca stuck her tongue out at him. They stared at each other for a moment both of them slightly dosing off, Aiden quietly whispered. "I love you." And they both went fast to sleep