The Unforgettable Sound
Rating: T/PG-13
Summary: Molly wants something for her fourteenth birthday. Kasy gives it to her. F/F...
A/N: First girl/girl story. Be nice. Based off a bit of feelings I had towards one of my friends a while ago...Never ended up like this, though...

Guys tease each other about being gay, face to face. Girls spread rumors about one another for being lesbians behind their backs. Well, some do.

But my school didn't ever do that. It's not because we were a GLBTQ school or anything. I guess we just cared about people.

So it wasn't weird when my best friend Kasy told our eighth grade class that she was bisexual. People just dismissed it and nothing seemed to change.

But something did change. I had never thought of another girl in that way before Kasy came out. Suddenly, she was this cool girl; one I, the quiet, bookish, straight girl, could never have.

So, one day, Kasy and I were in the library, people staring at us. Kasy had always made us stand out. She wore a lot of chains and black and her hair was dyed a bright red that almost matched her Converse shoes.

Her long black nails tap along the shelves and I don't even know I'm staring until she stops. "Here. This took is fucking brilliant. You'll love it,"

I take the book from the shelf and push up my glasses. It's a blue book with little hearts that read Boy Meets Boy. Kasy continues. "David Levithan is some sort of god, I swear,"

"But, K, I don't have any gay male influences! I don't think this book's for me..." the paperback seems to fit in my hand better than I ever expected. No book had felt more in place.

"Oh, nonsense - striaght kids can read these books, too, Molly, don't worry about it!" someone's cell phone rings. I worry that it draws attention to us. I don't want people assuming I'm a lesbian young adult section.

Kasy opens her phone and walks away, talking for a moment as I continue looking at the book. There's really not much to the cover and it's kind of...boring...looking.

Kasy returns, shoving her phone back into the pocket of her hoodie, her hand disappearing with it. "Mon, she wants me home for dinner. I'll see you Sunday for your birthday, right?" I nod and she kisses my cheek like she always does. Except it's different - I have a crush on her now and it doesn't mean friendly goodbye to me anymore...

She leaves, stranding me with the book. I rush to the check out counter, hoping no one I knew would see me leave the Gay and Lesbian section. No one does.

In fact, the entire library's empty except me and a vary familiar boy at the counter.

He nods to me and I recognize him from school. The drag queen dating the quarterback. "Wonderful choice. David Levithan is a god of literature,"

I smile at him. Does every gay teen know about his guy? "My friend Kasy recommended it," I say quickly.

"Kasy? Kasy Clark?" I nod. "She's a very pretty girl. So you're friends?"

"Yeah. Just friends! I mean, we're not lesbians together or anything," I say nervously, wringing my hands together.

He looks at me oddly and I know automatically I've made a mistake. "Unrequited love, eh?"

My eyes go wide. Love? "What? No!"

He just smiles at me and takes the receipt thing and writes something on the back. "Here," he hands me the book and piece of paper.

Monday, Wednesday 3:30 - 5:30

Saturday 1:00 - 4:00

I look back up at him. "What's this?"

He grins. GSA meeting hours. You should come sometime," and he leaves his post, efficiently ending the conversation.


Saturday flew by too fast. It could've been that Fate wanted Sunday to come so I could spend all day longing after someone I couldn't have or it could've been that I spent all day reading the book Kasy had recommended.

I wake up on Sunday morning at seven AM on account of my mother. "Honey, you have to get ready for your party! Kasy's going to be here at nine!"

I groan. kasy. Helping me decide what to do, what to wear, how to decorate. Such a wonderful 14th birthday.


I'm in my room, glaring at the clothes in my closet when I hear Mom's voice pierce through the air.

"Kasy! You're here early!" there's a mumbled response from my best friend and Mom laughs. "Molly's in her room,"

Suddenly the door's open and Kasy's standing there with an oversized backpack. Her hair's pulled back and she's not wearing makeup. She's still in her pajamas and her Converse aren't even tied.

"Didn't waste any time getting over here, did you?" I say harshly. I'm not a morning person, but Kasy knows this, so it's okay.

"Happy 14th, babe!" she says, giving me a hug. "Oh, I remember mine..." she sighs and I smile at her. Kasy's turning 15 in January. She acts like she's 17 most o f the time; and she looks like it too.

The day goes by slowly - people aren't expected until three or four and by the time we're finished, it's one. "Told you we didn't have to start so early," I stick my tongue out at my mother and best friend.

Kasy just smiles and the mother goes into a long rant. But before I know it, it's eight o'clock, the only people left are my best guy friend Patrick and Kasy. Patrick's fallen asleep on the couch and Kasy comes upstairs with me.

We're watching TV when my mom comes it an 10:30 and says "Time for bed, girls. Sweet dreams,"

She leaves and Kasy sighs. "I wanted to do this all day but you're so deep in the closet you need a map,"

"What?" I say, but Kasy's lips are on mine and it feels so nice, but definately not what I was expecting. But I wanted it and needed it so much, so I kissed back.

She pulled away before it got too passionate. "I can't do it anymore, I talked things over with Mitch and that's all he would allow me to do," she smiles at me and climbs under the covers.

"Thanks, Kasy," I say, even though my insides are clawing at me, trying to tell me to go back into the closet, deny I liked it at all.

"Happy 14th, bab," Kasy says before I turn off the light.

Things settle in my mind and I decide maybe I will try the GSA meetings. And if I don't want to, I don't have to tell anyone about me being attracted too girls. Because it's my business only.

Unless I want someone else to know.