He walks past me as I sit in the living room of his house, and I take the opportunity to check him out as I always do – for all that he's only seventeen, he's fucking sexy. He makes me want to come in my pants just from seeing him walk by. He's lanky and too thin for his own good, but his clothes cling to his body in a way that is oh-too-sexy.

He looks at me as he passes and asks, "Why are you always here, James?"

"I don't want to go home and your brother is my best friend," I answer without a beat. "Happy Valentine's Day, by the way."

"It's actually my birthday as well," he tells me. "Eighteen today."

My mind immediately perks up and screams at me, 'This means he's legal!' However, all I say is, "Well, happy birthday, then."

"Thanks." That infuriating boy pulls a lollipop from his pocket and slowly unwraps the cellophane from it. "Happy Valentine's Day to you as well. You got someone to share it with?"

"Just Tom, but he's out with Jenny tonight. How about you, Frankie boy?"

Frank shrugs, popping the lollipop into his mouth. "Nah. My friend sent me this lollipop via Valentine Gram, but she's the only one who bothered to give me anything."

"Ah, an almost girlfriend?" I tease, my heart plummeting despite my cheerful façade.

"No." His tongue pokes out as he swirls it around the lollipop in a way that is distinctly innuendo-like and makes my jeans uncomfortably tight. "She'll never be my girlfriend. I've known her for too long." He smiles at me in a distinctly threatening way. "Why don't you have a girlfriend?"

I decide to be bold. "I'm sure you knew that I have no interest in girls. Didn't I ever mention it?"

His smile grows wider. "It's a possibility." He pops the lollipop back into his mouth, the cherry flavoring turning his mouth red. As much as I enjoy watching his oral display with the lollipop, I have a distinct urge to hunt down the girl that gave it to him and kill her for making him frustrate me like this.

"I'm entirely sure you knew this. I believe it was when I remarked on Brokeback Mountain that you looked at me with wide, shocked, naïve eyes and demanded 'Are you gay?' and I told you yes, I am."

He pulls the lollipop out and taps it against his lower lip. "I seem to remember a conversation along those lines." He grins and pops it into his mouth, slowly sliding it in and out in an incredibly sexy way. "I think you said that Ennis and Jack were sexy."

"That's because they are. Don't you think that the way they just grab each other in broad daylight and devour each others' faces is sexy?" I smile and lean back, my legs spread apart in my habitual position. "Then again, I'm still not sure which way you swing. I've known you since you were ten and I still don't know."

"I don't make a habit of touting my sexuality to everyone I meet, unlike you." Frankie bites down hard on the lollipop and I hear it crunch in his mouth. He sits on the armchair, kicking back as he chews. "And I don't see why you need to know anyway."

He slowly licks his lips after he swallows the candy part, cleaning his lips of all residue. I watch, transfixed as that devilish tongue wipes it clean. He pulls the stick from his mouth and throws it in the trashcan with great accuracy.

"I don't," I say once I think I can control my voice. "I'm simply curious. You've never had a girlfriend for as long as I've known you, yet you've never shown any signs of being gay."

"It could be that I am asexual," he points out in that dry way of his. He suddenly stands and struts over to me. "But that's not the case."

"Frankie, what are you –" And my mouth goes dry as he straddles one of my legs, leaning towards me. "You're straddling my leg, you know that?"

"Yes," he nods. "The way you sit makes it easy to do so." With that, he sits on me and slides forward, pressing his lips to mine in a sloppy, novice kiss. He tastes like cherries.

Despite the unpracticed nature of his kiss, I can't help but respond. I raise my hands to his face and pull him into me. He falls forward in surprise, chest pressing against mine. I take control of the kiss, letting him see what exactly good tongue technique is.

I am rewarded by a moan and I hope to god that Tom doesn't walk in right now. I'm just getting started.

God, I love lollipops.

A/N: On the subject of Brokeback Mountain; a) poor Alma! Though seeing those two guys make-out in person would be pretty awesome; b) Jack is such a woman; and c) OMG THEY ARE SO CUTE.

Secondly, Happy Valentine's Day!