It's perfect, leave it be
"It is only half done!"
Enjoy the incomplete perfection

I wonder if I could ever paint
Or after the first brushstroke,
Would I be content?

A mere brushstroke of the soul
Gently caressing the world's canvas

I wonder if I could ever dance
Or after one step,
Would I be content?

To have mastered one expression of my heart
Why should I ever deign to wish for more?
To have spread my soul out into the world
Even for one brief moment
And to have made a color never seen before

I find myself looking
All the time these days
If even for a moment
I keep on thinking I have left something
But I can never quite seem to find it
Or even
Discern what it was that I might have left

I am looking for pieces of me
Left behind through the passage of
Time, a mystery in itself,
And so I wonder

As I walk away, feeling something missing,
What was it that I left behind in that moment

I hope that it was part of me
I hope that it was
A brushstroke

11:43 pm