Things That I Thought I Have


Do I still have the time?

To think all the memories that I have

To hang around with the past

To rejoice the sunshine in my back


Do I still have the faith?

To reach my dreams

And grab the whole world

Into my hands


Do I still have the ability?

To bring happiness

In times of sadness

To smile

In times of tears


Do I still worth it?

To breathe this air

And step this foot

On the ground


Am I still can

Put my heads up and be proud

Of who I am in this life

For now and forever?


Do I still strong enough?

To face this life alone

With braveness

And full of spirit


Do I still

Have the things

That I thought I have?

A/N: its just out moments a head is blurry. Anyway, hope you like it. Please enjoy! R&R are greatly appreciated