I let you down again again

I'm sorry I know I know

That I have not been the

Very best friend that I

Truly am capable of being

To you

I'm taking advantage

I'm leading you one

And we're laughing all the way

But you and I

What we're laughing at

Are two very different things.

I'm sorry to say this

But I have to admit

And I know I'm way so lame,

But you tag along

Sticking with me

Stepping on my toes all the way

I think you may see something theirs not

Just something you want to see

But I cannot find it

Believe it or not

And I don't think it's really quite there

To begin with


But if you stick along

And you bring it out

It may not be your prize won

I'd appreciate

At a later date

I'm sure

After you're long gone

After I've wasted it on someone else

And I'll wish it to be you


So it's up to you

Your choice to make

I'm sorry it ended up this way

But you're a good person

And to you will be

Unlimited wonderful things

Those that I do not deserve

So please stop looking for me.