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Beauty from Nothing

Maggie Moss was in love with ballroom dancing. It surprised people because she was viewed as a "rebellious" teenager. She liked the dark, emo look. Her wardrobe consisted of black, trip pants, and dark, stylish shirts from her favorite store, Hot Topic. Maggie's short, orange hair made her stand out in a crowd even more. It was extra short and spiky in the back, and longer in the front. In some places it was uneven, but it was alright since that was her style. She loved her orange hair, and never thought about dying it or changing it at all. Maggie gently chewed her silver lip ring on the right side of her mouth. She then switched to an identical lip ring on the left side of her mouth. It was a nuisance putting in plugs when she performed. Long fingers fidgeted with her triple earrings on the right ear. It was a horrible habit sometimes, especially when she was nervous, though most of the time she fidgeted with her ears or lip without knowledge. A long leg swung backwards with her foot pointed. Her long arms swung upwards, and it turned into a graceful spin. A beautiful, fair face spotted, and then spun around before she finished her spin. People were jealous of her smooth skin which rarely had any pimples. Clear, light green eyes stared at her in the mirror.

Maggie walked across the hardwood floor of the deserted dance studio toward the stereo to play the tango music she received last week. It was difficult creating choreography without a partner. Her last partner had an identity problem which got in the way of dancing. He was not concentrating on what she believed was important, so she, very gently, told him he'd better get serious or leave. He chose the latter. She believed she had found a new and much better partner who had recently moved to Indianapolis from California.

Last week, a day after she broke up with her former partner, Maggie saw a new face she had never seen before trying out for the competition dance group as she entered the dance studio. His hips swung gracefully in a one-man salsa routine. Of course, she thought to herself. He is Latino. It was hard to hear the tap tappingof his feet as they shuffled back and forth, and side to side in a circle. Strong, tanned arms moved in different directions, and in different gestures. She figured he was about her age. He's good. Hm… I think I might grab him before one of the other girls without partners talks to Rachael. Maggie quickly strolled over to the owner of the dance studio.

Rachael was a headstrong woman. She started the dance studio when Maggie was five years old. Maggie had been attending for twelve years. Rachael always entranced Maggie, from her dancing to her physical features. Her waist length, blond hair was tied back into a ponytail hanging limp against her back. The small frame of her body leaned forward in her chair while ice blue eyes stared at the dancing figure.

Maggie stood beside Rachael while the he finished his dance. She could feel the hated looks from the girls in the room hoping to have this new guy as a partner. Well you can't have him, she thought. All five competition groups have partners, but me. So I get first dibs.

"I know what you are going to ask me, Mag," Rachael answered the question before Maggie could get it out while writing down notes on a yellow pad of paper. "And yes, have at him. His name is Marco Castillo and is Mexican. He has been dancing since he was about ten years old." She ripped out the paper she had been writing on, flung it at Maggie, and walked to a pair of struggling beginners to help their foxtrot. Maggie looked at the paper.

"Overconfident. Watch out Mag," she whispered to herself. "Great."

As Maggie walked over to Marco, she could hear snickering from a group of girls who had always hated her. She couldn't help it if she was better than any of those airheads.

"Geez, it's her fault she got rid of her partner. She doesn't have to steal all the good guys," snickered a blonde girl

"Really! Like she could like find her own damn partner on her own damn time," said a petite, brunette girl.

"And she always steals the cute guys, too," put in a tall, skinny girl.

Maggie quietly snuck up behind one of the girls and whispered in her ear, "I can hear you, you know." A couple of the girls squeaked in surprise. Maggie turned around, and concentrated on trying to keep her thoughts from running out of her mouth. She walked to Marco who was ready to leave since it was five o' clock, and the studio was closing.

"So I hear you and me are partners," his accent was strong, and it had a little musical ring to it. Maggie loved accents, but she promised herself wouldn't be swooned by the sound.

"Yes," She fidgeted with her left ear. Marco looked at her like she wouldn't know the first thing about dancing especially ballroom dancing. "Here," She thrust out the new music she received that day from the black purse that hung at her side. "This is the music we will be learning for the next competition this coming up month. We are going to have to work hard. The studio is closed tomorrow since it's Sunday, so I will see you Monday at three o' clock."

"Okay," and he walked away. He was tall for a Mexican. His sweat soaked, white shirt clung to his muscular body.

Geez, and he's stuck up. Perfect for those airheads, remembering that first meeting.

"Hey Maggie, your new partner is here," said one of Maggie's "airheads" in a mocking tone of voice, popping her head in the small dance room. "And by the way I'm not your delivery girl." She disappeared before Maggie could give her a piece of her mind.

Marco walking in the room and gave the departing girl a wink. Maggie could hear girls giggling beyond the door, and she rolled her eyes. Marco wore a white shirt with the sleeves cut off, and gray sweat pants with the legs cut off just below the knees.

He scanned Maggie up and down. She felt as if he was trying to decide if she was sexy enough for him. Maggie couldn't tell what the result was because she hurriedly turned her back to fiddle with the stereo. She wore black, short, dance shorts. Her brown, thin strapped shirt that showed she was thin and fit.

"Okay, this is what I got so far." She danced to the upbeat music. Her feet stepped lightly and her arms moved gracefully, but quick. Marco stood watching carefully. She called out some things that they could do such as lifts. He nodded and continued watching. When she was done, Marco was staring at the floor in a trance of thought.

"Alright, teach me some and we can improvise. ¿Bueno?" he smiled sweetly at her.

"Um… sure." She bit her left lip ring which was black today. He took her right hand into his left hand, and put his right hand on her hips. She moved his right hand a bit higher, and she placed her left hand on his shoulder. Marco looked at her, and gave her that flirty smile again. She cleared her throat while looking past his shoulder.

Sheesh doesn't he know when to stop? Okay here we go, don't think about him.

T-A-N-G-O, T-A-N-G-O… Soon it became second nature to her as they danced together. Sometimes they stopped and argued about this step or that turn. They tested to see if he could lift her. Maggie felt his strong hands around her waist while she was in the air.

"Well, I think that's it for today," she said after she was placed gently on the ground, and turning around to hid her blush. She was preparing to leave when she asked, "So, how do you want to do this? Do you want to meet everyday, every other? It doesn't matter to me. But we will meet everyday the week of competitions."

"I like everyday. I don't do anything outside of dancing. I just moved here so I don't know what to do with my time."

"Okay everyday, but not Wednesdays because I have church."

Marco stopped. Maggie looked up to see his surprised look in the mirror. "What? You didn't think a 'rebel girl' like me goes to church? Well I do."

She was walking out the door when Marco spoke up, "I didn't mean to offend you. Your church let's you wear whatever?"

"People at my church don't look at the outside. They accept anyone." With that she walked out the door.


Maggie was walking down the hallway of her school the next day when she bumped into someone making him drop some of his things.

"Oh, I'm sorry," she said bending down to pick up the papers and notebook. She straightened up and handed it back to the person, when she noticed she was looking into Marco's dark brown eyes.

"It's okay, chica," he replied

"Um… I didn't know you were going to this school," Maggie said surprised, and fiddled with her earrings.

"Yeah, I am. I started today. Actually, I can't find…" he looked at his schedule, "G107. Someone said something about 'I' hallway, but I can't find it." Maggie bust out laughing. "What's so funny?" Marco asked looking like a little lost puppy.

Between gaps of laughter she said, "There is no 'I' hallway. The school has no 'I' hallway whatsoever." Then she grabbed his arm and led him to his class. She looked at his schedule, and told him she would be his "tour guide". She didn't care if she was late to her classes.


When Marco walked into the studio later that day, Maggie started to laugh. She couldn't stop it. He also had a map with his schedule, but he didn't know how to use it.

"Hey, don't you laugh chica." But he smiled also.

"I can't help it. Why didn't you look at your map?" she asked, but he shrugged.

Most of the awkwardness was gone, but Maggie still blushed when their eyes met, though she didn't know why. Marco didn't seem like such a jerk to her. She guessed it was a cover up so he could look "cool".

When they started dancing, she was surprised that he remembered most of the choreography. It was mostly some steps they changed at the end of the session yesterday, and they added a couple of lifts. Maggie felt like she was secure and safe in the air for the first time. They still debated about some movements, but not as heated as yesterday.

As they were leaving, one of the "airheads", Nicole, stood by the door waiting for Marco.

"Hello, I'm Nicole," she said in a sweet and cute voice. She offered her hand for him to shake.

"Hola, I'm Marco," he answered in a flirty voice. He took her hand and kissed it. Nicole giggled. Maggie could hear other giggles behind her, but she was too busy watching this scene taking place.

"I was wondering," Nicole put her hands behind her back, "if you would like to go get Starbucks or something?"

Before Marco could say anything, Maggie answered for him, "Actually, we were just about to go to the library to work on our homework together. Oh you didn't know?" Maggie said seeing Nicole's surprised look. "We go to the same school, and some of our classes are together." Then Maggie grabbed Marco's arm, and dragged him out of the building.

"Hey chica, what just happened?" he asked when they got to her car. She turned to face him. There was a quiet, but deadly anger in the air.

"You are an idiot," She looked straight into his deep eyes. Marco felt a chill as he stared back into the storming green eyes. "Never mess with those stupid, giggling girls like that. They are ignorant and become easily jealous when you are better than them."

"Chica, it's called flirting." He put his hand under her chin. She batted away his hand, but she was calmer having gotten that off her chest.

"Well, anyway, don't mess with them. Their heads are already too big. Thank God tomorrow is Wednesday. I don't have to deal with their crap 'til Thursday."

She opened her car door, and asked, "Hey, do you need a ride? I was serious about the studying thing. You want to?"

"Sure. Do you have a phone? I need to call my cousin who I'm living with." She handed him her cell phone. A few minutes later, after understanding only some words, they got into the car.

"Are we going to the library?" Marco made an I-hate-the-library face. "Why can't we go to your place or mine?"

"Um no," was her sharp and quick reply.


Weeks came and then disappeared. The date of their first competition was in two weeks. They had fun with their tango routine, but they got bored. Marco came up with an idea to do a waltz number for fun. Maggie didn't mind as long as they still practiced their tango number.

She soon realized she was falling in love with her partner. Everything in her body called out to be careful. It was tricky business falling in love with your dance partner because it involved too many emotions that could get in the way of their performance. She kept it to herself, and always got upset when Marco flirted with a girl.

Nicole and her gang were still trying to manipulate Marco into going out with Nicole. Maggie knew Marco was smart, and he knew what was going on. She suspected that they were planning something because they had been talking in whispers more than usual. Maggie talked to Rachael about what had been happening lately.

"Don't worry, Mag. I'll be on the look out for their tricks. Now I know you are dying to talk about Marco. Spill it." While she fidgeted with her earrings, Maggie told Rachael everything Marco and she had done that day. She could always talk to Rachael about anything.

On week of the competition all six groups were in the studio perfecting everything under the watchful eyes of Rachael. She was strict and harsh, but she was known for her excellent dancers. She was offered better jobs, but she chose to teach children and young adults.

Maggie could see Marco's overconfidence more and more everyday. He was making stupid mistakes; not pointing his feet, needing straighter arms, not enough power in the lifts. They even got into a heated argument which was the first in a long time. Marco ended up storming into the boys' dressing room. Maggie sighed and strolled over the entrance of the dressing room.

"Marco? Marco, I'm sorry," she said into the silent entrance. When Marco peered around the corner, Maggie saw a hated look in his eyes that she never saw before. She became confused. "Marco, your problem is that you concentrate too much on the steps and the order of the routine. You know it. Don't think about it. Just look at me." They stared at each other until someone coughed loud. They came back to reality.

"Okay kids, let's do this again," Rachael said in an over loud voice indicating it was time to get back to work.

Maggie and Marco got into position. She chewed her red lip ring.

"It's okay Maggie. Just look at me," whispered Marco. She stopped and looked at him. He had his flirty smile on his face. Maggie smiled back. The music started. Maggie felt the music run through her body like never before.

Unknown to them, everyone stopped and watched the couple's hot tango dance. The tango is the dance of love which was being performed in a way most students had never seen it. Maggie and Marco's dance didn't lack the call of passion which is supposed to be displayed in the tango.

Their final posture was of Maggie looking up at Marco, clinging to his leg, sitting on the floor. Marco looked down at Maggie arms flung out. Rachael started clapping, and then it became a ripple effect. Everyone was clapping, but Nicole. She stormed out of the room into the girls' changing room.

Marco and Maggie came out of their trance looking pleased with themselves. Marco helped Maggie up, and bowed still holding her hand.

"That's it for you two today. Two more days 'til big day. Go home early and get some sleep," Rachael clapped Maggie on the back. "Everyone else it's time to get back to work."

Maggie and Marco departed from each other to go into the changing rooms. They were reluctant, but shy with each other.

She was messing with her earrings and smiling when someone jumped Maggie after she turned the corner. Maggie hit her head hard with a load thump on the tiled floor. She fought the darkness trying to overwhelm her. The attacker landed on top of her and was clawing at her face. Her attacker was screaming nonsense.

"You stole my partner! You stole my spotlight! I won't let you get away with it!"

Maggie had some sense, so she started to punch, kick, and claw as well. Maggie was screaming in pain. Her head felt like jell-o and she knew consciousness was slipping from her.

Suddenly, a huge weight was lifted off of her. Last thing she remembered was a gentle voice asking if she was okay.


Maggie woke slowly wondering where she was at. She slowly moved her pounding head to the left where Marco was holding her hand. His hand felt warm. He was sleeping peacefully beside her with his head resting on her hospital bed. She took in ever detail of his sleeping form.

"You thought I was asleep, eh chica?" Marco looked up. He sat up and stretched, releasing her hand. "I was just letting you get a good look at me." He smiled her favorite smile. She smiled a little.

"Hey, how long was I sleeping?" she crocked out.

"All night. You took quite a bang chica," he laughed. "You did a pretty job on Nicole."

"I thought it was her."

There was a knock on the door, and a doctor walked into the room. His name badge identified him as Dr. Russell.

"Hey what's up Doc?" asked Maggie. "How am I doing? Can I dance tomorrow?"

"So many questions. First of all, how are you feeling?" Dr. Russell asked while checking her vital statistics.

"A bit of a headache, but other then that dandy."

"Ok then," putting back her vital statistics, "just take some aspirin and you'll be fine. You are free to leave whenever you're ready."

"Really? That's it?"

Dr. Russell nodded, "That's it. You're not bleeding internally, and you are aware of your surroundings. It's normal to have a slight headache."

"Oh, okay. Thanks Doc!"

The door opened and closed with the departure of Dr. Russell. Maggie breathed a sigh of relief. She then shooed Marco out of the room so she could get dressed.


Maggie woke before dawn on the day of the competition. She quickly got dressed, brushed her teeth and hair. She pulled on a red winter hat over her unusually calm hair. Her red gloves matched her bright, red jacket as well. It was her running jacket so people could see her better in the dark.

She stepped out in to the February winter air. It was freezing, but Maggie knew she would warm up quickly. She put her earphones into her ears, and selected a song on her ipod. Then she was off and running.

Later in the afternoon, Maggie's cell phone rang.


"Hey chica. How are you feeling?" It was Marco.

"Fine. How are you? Are you ready?" Excitement creped into her voice.

"Okay. I'm just getting ready. I wanted to see how you were doing."

"Well I feel better. The aspirin really helped." Maggie fiddled with her earring.

"Well okay. I will see you later."



Maggie slowly closed her phone then shook her head. She needed to concentrate on tonight which was about to take place in a couple of hours.

Her hair went through a final check to make sure all was in place. Since her hair was so short, she crimped it. Maggie when through a mental check of everything she had and to see if she was missing anything. Okay dress, earrings, hair stuff, shoes, makeup, bag…She clicked her tongue. Nope nothing else.

The competition was downtown so she needed to hurry if she was going to pick up Marco and have time to get ready there. Maggie grabbed her bag, locked the door behind her, and hoped into the car.

Five minutes later Marco plopped down into the front seat of Maggie's car. His raven, black hair was slicked back and shone from the street lights as they drove down the road.

There was an awkward silence until Marco spoke up, "Maggie if you don't mind me asking, but why wasn't your parents at the hospital?" He sounded serious.

"My dad doesn't care about me, and my mom left us when I was five." She sounded curt and annoyed.

"Oh," Marco replied. "But still wouldn't he have checked on you?"

"No. Right now he is in Ireland visiting family. He practically lives there. He is due to be coming back next month. It's always a three month span. What?" She asked seeing Marco's surprised look. "Yes, I'm mostly Irish." She pointed to her orange hair fair skin. "My mother was part Irish and American. My father met her while he was on a business trip. Turned out he knew one of her many cousins."

"Shouldn't you have an accent?" Marco inquired.

"No, not really. I've lived in the U.S. all my life. When I was little I lived with a couple of family friends. Not all of them were Irish. I was always getting passed around when I was little."

"You don't have a job. How do you take care of yourself?" Marco looked at her in a new way. He saw her as a stronger person.

Maggie turned of the interstate, and looked for a street sign. "Oh there it is. Now it was right, right, left…" Maggie knew where she was now. She drove with confidence again. "Dad sends me money, and my grandfather pays for my dance lessons. Grandfather only pays because he feels bad that he never can see me since he lives in Ireland." She parked the car a couple of blocks from the dance studio where the competition was going the take place.

Marco got out of the car, and grabbed his and Maggie's bag. She took her bag from him. Their fingers touched briefly. Maggie blushed, and Marco cleared his throat.

"Well shall we?" Marco's sounded excited. They walked toward the two story building.

When they arrived, the place buzzed with excitement and intensity. They checked in and received their number, 19. The blond man conducting the registration pointed in opposite directions toward the dressing rooms. They thanked him and departed.

Maggie opened the dressing room door to a room full of chaos and hair spray. She found a free space and became a part of the chaos.

Her top and skirt were a sexy red colour. It shimmered in the bright lights as she pulled it on. The neckline ran down until it hit her belly button. There hung a small, black, tear shaped jewel. The top was cut short at the bottom. The seam line slanted upwards a tad bit which showed off her flat stomach. Her skirt dropped down a bit above her knees then waved upward almost hitting her waist line. She slipped on a thick, black bracelet onto each arm which together so it wouldn't slip off. She placed a thin, black choker around her neck. Hanging from it was a dark red, tear shaped jewel. Maggie quickly grabbed her red shoes from her bag and slipped them on at the sound of the man's voice opening the competition. She checked her makeup in the mirror and made sure everything was up to par. They were the forth couple to go in the first round.

Maggie found the area where partners could talk without interrupting the competition. Marco was talking to some of the other students from Rachael's dance studio. He spotted her and waved her over to the group. She wanted to laugh when she saw Marco in his outfit. The collar was low cut and ruffles ran down his dark red shirt. At the end of the long sleeves, the ruffles hung limp against his hands. The type of black pants he wore was tighter than normal guy pants.

Marco whistled while scanning Maggie up and down. Maggie shoved him with a half smile on her face.

"Oh you wound me fair maiden," Marco placed his hands over his heart trying to look hurt. Maggie laughed and rolled her eyes.

"Hey let's go watch the competition," Maggie said and pulled his arm.


"Couple number 19 from Indianapolis, Indiana, Marco Castillo and Maggie Moss will perform the tango," announced the announcer. They lifted their arms and smiled when their names were called. Marco knelt down on one knee, body leaning slightly forward, and chin up. Maggie stood beside him and placed her hand on his shoulder. Her right foot was placed away from her body, and she looked at him.

Maggie could feel the adrenalin rush when the music started. She moved her hips slowly at first to the music then she walked behind Marco running her hand smoothly across his shoulders. When she got to the other side with her hand still on his shoulder standing in front of him, Marco looked up at Maggie. He slowly rose to his feet never taking his eyes off of her. It felt as if his eyes bore into her soul. The music quicken suddenly. Marco took her hand and stepped away then pulled her toward him. Their bodies touched and Marco whispered so quiet she almost didn't catch it, "Here we go."

The audience watched as the passionate couple stepped in synch and spun without missing a beat. Marco didn't show any signs of struggling when he lifted Maggie. Their hips were smooth and arms were loose, but not messy. Maggie didn't think of anything. She did what was natural and never took her eyes off of Marco.

The music ended all too soon for Maggie and Marco. They felt like they could dance with each other forever. Maggie's grip on Marco's leg for the final position was tighter than in their rehearsals. She didn't want to leave, but knew they must.

Marco reached down to help Maggie up. They bowed and smiled to the audience's wild cheering. Hand in hand, they walked off the stage. Maggie was gulping huge breaths of air. Her chest was heaving and sweat ran down everywhere.

Rachael appeared and produced two cups of water. Maggie tried her best not to drink it too fast.

"Wow. That's all I can say. Wow," Rachael smiled at them. "Now the next competition is in two weeks. I heard you two were working on the swing dance."


"Can all the couples from the tango section come onto the stage," commanded the announcer. All six couples walked onto the stage smiling. "Now for the results. Six position goes to Michael Conway and Sarah Steal from Anderson, Indiana." They stepped out from the line of dancers and waved as people clapped.

Maggie listened as fifth, forth, and third was announced. They were in the top two. The other couple did an amazing dance. Maggie watched their performance with her jaw dropped. Marco left in the middle of it because he claimed it was too good for his eyes. Maggie's finger tips tapped against each other waiting for the positions to be called.

"The judges had a hard time positioning these two groups." The announcer shuffled his papers. "Second position goes to Anthony Wright and Anna Loveall."

As Anthony and Anna bowed and waved, Marco looked at Maggie and smiled a wide smile while holding her hand.

"And the grand champions are Marco Castillo and Maggie Moss. Congratulations," said the announcer in a full excited voice. The audience clapped and cheered wildly as they got to their feet. Maggie faced Marco. Marco took her face in his face and kissed her sweetly on the mouth. Maggie felt like melting. They parted when Rachael coughed behind them. She led them to the awards table as the announcer was calling for the foxtrot dancers.