This was the first story... my teacher didn't want us to finish... maybe i will one day...


Past Meets Future

"Run Jakob! I'll distract him while you go get help." Without the consent of her partner, a young, black haired girl raced in front of a black horse galloping through the heavy fog. The horse shed away while the black clothed figure riding astride cursed. The girl ran as fast as she could away from the horse in the opposite direction of the boy, but the horse was faster. The rider reached out his big, gloved hand and snatched the girl. She screamed, "Jakob!" as the mysterious man pulled the girl onto the horse. Before Jakob could turn around and run toward the horse, they were gone. The distant hove beats a tall tale sign that they were long gone.

"No!" screamed Jakob. He knelt on the ground, hands covering his face weeping. "Nina, why? Why did you have to risk everything for me?" The twelve year old boy looked up into the fog. His black eyes burned with hatred. "I will come after you Uncle. I will hunt you down and kill you if I have to, and rescue Nina. This fight was between us."

Prince Jakob de Vonté, next in line for kingship, stood up, brushed his tears onto his sleeve, and began the long walk back to the city to talk to his father.


A young man stood in the shadows of the palace ballroom staring at the dancing figures. His black eyes wondered around the room. The chandler lit most of the room while the groups of candles placed evenly around the room lit up the shadows. He was lucky to have found this corner unlit. He suspected the Master of Ceremonies had done it on purpose. Master Jahan was an old friend, but he got easily worked up and stressed when planning for a party. He knew Jakob hated parties.

His eyes scanned the carvings on the walls. They were carved by King Zachariah III. He was one of the earlier kings of the kingdom Alhaz. They were of mermaids, griffins, dragons, and other mythical creatures. The legend of King Zachariah states that he went beyond the Sea of Baltica to an unknown land. It is where he got the wood of a strange, foreign tree. He brought it back home, and created these magical carvings.

Prince Jakob ran his hands through his dark, blonde hair. He hated parties, especially his birthday parties. He sighed. Seventeen years I have been on this God given green land, and one more year passes by since Nina was kidnapped. Five years today I came crying home to my father about my uncle taking away my best friend. I wish I could find her. A heavy hand rested on his shoulder. Jakob did not turn around, he knew who it was.

"Jakob, why do you not go dance with the pretty ladies? They are craving for your attention," stated a deep, gruff voice.

"Father I hate dancing. Those 'pretty ladies' can go find someone else. I do not need their attention. At least you do not shove them on me like Mother." Jakob turned to look at his father, King Travr de Vonté. People said Jakob looked almost exactly like his father, but his father was big boned and brood shouldered. Jakob was slender, but that did not mean he did not have muscles. Jakob's mother, Queen Claudia, wanted him to marry well, and hated to see him brood about the past. She hoped that maybe one day a woman of noble birth will catch his eye.

"Father, will I ever find her?" Jakob had such passion in his voice.

"Honestly, son, I do not know. But," he signed, "I do have some information that might be a clue to where she is located. One of my spies was out riding in the eastern end of the kingdom not too far from the Kingdom of Pakkai. He found a small cabin miles from the nearest village. The spy saw a girl of about sixteen or seventeen working outside in a garden. She matched the description of Nina except she was older of course."

The Kingdom of Pakkai, our mortal enemy. At least we are at peace with each other for the time being. I'll leave tomorrow. God, please help me find her.

Suddenly, Jakob's mind went back to that terrible day. Nina's long, raven black hair flying as she ran from his uncle. Her terrified gray eyes looked for Jakob in the fog. He was too slow; his feet couldn't keep up with his racing mind. After that day he swore he would become faster and stronger. Now he could run as fast as chestnut his horse, Dixie, and carry six loaded water buckets without breaking a sweat. People said he was the swiftest and strongest in the kingdom. Jakob did not know if it was true, but all the training and hard work had been for Nina.

When Jakob came back to reality, his father was gone. Well, I guess it is time to impress the "pretty ladies", he thought. He put on his best fake smile and strolled into the crowd of young women surrounding his mother.