If you were dying in my arms someday
Know not a teardrop would be spared
In that trembling moment I
Would never let you go
My heart dying with you there
I can feel it over flow

And through the waves of sorrow crashing down
I see that distant day resound

As surely as the sun does rise
It falls one day on our closed eyes

So lift your voices with me now
And let them pour out like rain

Let the drops of pain flow out
And never will they fall in vain

For this is my soul crying now
With trembling voice and wavering hand

A moment rings within my mind
And blazes from behind my eyes

Laying a loved one to rest that day
When the heaven tears rained down

So hear me now beloved ones
I spare you not a single breath
But those I have are all for you
From waking life to shrouded death

I cherish you with all my soul
And every ounce of strength in me

My blood is yours and not of the world
But rather of eternity

There are things I see in this place
That threaten to rend me asunder

But know that in my words is light
And in this world is pain and thunder

Hear now my plaintive cry
Echoing from my hollow shell
I wish never to see you limp
And hanging from my trembling arms

But if there ever comes a day
Where our paths are torn asunder
Know that I will lay you down
With great care and loving words
My heart I will not restrain
My soul is in these words
And would be on that day
Though I wish it would never come
And our paths would never be lead astray

A moment echoes in my mind
Not long ago, but far behind

Remember if anything this day
That my love will never fade away

12:23 am