6'2 with your watery blue eyes,

3 dysfunctional kids

One by each of your 3 dysfunctional wives.

You hide in your army green flight suit

And your shiny black boots.

We're up to our ears in money,

But over our heads in debt.

Frustration and love drowns you while

You try to save us all.

There's the oldest,

The sixteen year old rebel,

Who you've lost to your carelessness,

And her mothers' cruelty.

There's the boys

Oldest: just twelve

A daredevil with an attitude

Motherless but once a year

Loveless because he tries too hard.

Youngest: a spoiled nine-

The only one still living with both parents,

But the only one who was result of a one-night stand.

On our own, we're not too bad,

But surround us with the Texas heat

With nothing to do but share one TV,

What do you expect but family feuds and favoritism?

We oldest stick together because

We're jealous of the other.

We would do anything to have

A mother who really cares

She's got a mother who watches

Bruises be beaten into her body

He's got a mother who ignores him

Until the suits persist.

But daddy, as much as you try,

You can't give us what we want!

Because what we want is our Military daddy

To stay home for more than a week.

As much as you want us to have

The life you never did,

It's too late

And you're trying too hard.