One Step Forward and Two Steps Back


Five days I have not seen you

Yet it feels like it's been a lifetime

But suddenly you are here again

And it took me by surprise—

My heart leapt at the sight of you

And tears threatened to spill forth

All I've done to try and forget

Has now been cast away in vain


One step forward and two steps back


You asked how I was doing

And I said I was doing fine

But that familiar ache appeared

While secret tears formed and

Prickled behind twin eyelids

It seems I have lied to you again

Perhaps it was to protect myself

Or maybe it was for you once more


One step forward and two steps back


You told me you were doing well

And I feel happiness in knowing so

Even though it's hard to see you here

It's even harder to see you go

But I have faith and hope and love

Held in my heart solely just for you

That perhaps one day soon

We will grow close and be friends again