Author's Note

For those of you who have noticed the ending is abrupt. I know, I wrote that way on purpose because I just wanted the story to end. You could say I kind of got sick of writing it. Plus it's a rough draft ;o)

For the pregnancy thing: That was put in there to lead into a sequel until I realized while I was writing I didn't have enough material or plot for a sequel. So in the next draft Wolf Gang goes through, the pregnancy thing will be dropped.

Thanks to EVERYBODY who read this, those who started the Wolf Gang journey at the very beginning, those who found it in the middle, and now people who will find it at it's end!

I have 2 stories in the works. One who already has the entire first chapter written, the other still going through a planning the plot process, Highway to Hell will be posted right when I post this.

Wolf Gang will stay on FicPress for 6 months. It will be officially taken down April 3rd 2010, to go through its second draft. It will not be reposted.

The story is dedicated to my best friend Adam, I couldn't of written Wolf Gang without him 3

Highway to Hell Plot summery: I knew for certain what I had to do: I had to save my mother from Lucifer, I had to deal with Omen, an archangel, who may not be exactly on the good guy side and I had to prevent myself from falling in love with him.

Read it here: .com/s/2727474/1/Highway_to_Hell