"Chleo, My name is Chleo" said Cleopatra yelling as her homeroom teacher took attendance. What a way to start 8th grade in a new school. She sounded like a nut case but atleast she didn't look like one too. She looked like a fashion godess, obviously her parents had sense naming her after an African Queen.

Somewhere in the mix of moving; remembering and forgetting old memories Cleopatra had lost the sense of feeling pride through her veins at the very mention of her name. At her old school people liked her for various reasons and their was always some person, some person who didn't like Cleopatra because she was IT she was what everybody wanted to be, WHO everybody wanted to be, people would die to be in her flesh. The (jealous) people were out in the cold looking through a foggy window trying to throw something at the window to break the barrier and maybe even hurt the person on the other side. The something thrown at the window usually was words and the unlucky recipiants was Cleopatra.

She had learned young and quick, don't let your enemies know that they are getting to you. Just smile and it will all be ok. She had smilied all those years with her old friends and peers but, being in a new school isn't something that can be smilied away into the back of an overstuffed closet. Cleopatra knew that a new school meant that all of her popularity could go down the drain. There was always the chance that so and so's cousin's brother's best friend's uncle told his niece that Cleopatra Garcia Rogers was the most popular girl in all of TimberWoods' (Elementary and Junior High) history. But to Cleopatra it all seemed like a big fat ugly lie that she was stuck in. Yes she had been popular back at TimberWoods but it seemed at Oak Falls she was a new kid who was an outkast. She didn't like the label but it was clear her stamp said "outKast" she was not destined to be labeled "popular" here because it WASN'T her calling.

She accepted her new lowered social status but, whenever she got a call from somebody from TimberWoods she crawled up in her bed and pretend she WAS still ontop of the social world...