As the darkness fell on that dark, gloomy, winter's day, there seemed to be no sunshine in the world. It had all gone, along with the joy, the laughter, and the smiles. All that remained were the empty shells of human beings, like the man standing in front of the great citadel, wandering the streets alone, in search of what he, and everyone else, has lost.

This place was once the site of the greatest moments in history, and yet now, it is known for the greatest tragedy.

The land of which I speak is the Valley of Gadra, the capital of the realm Domas. It was at Gadra where the great king Tu'm of the Domanians united the realms of the 5 clans and forged the Kingdom of Domas, and thereby creating the biggest power on the continent. The 9 years of his rule were the most peaceful and productive in the people's history. The newly formed country flourished under his wise rule.

But it wasn't to last………

Unknown to him, there were enemies within his court. Many were the whispers of treason that echoed around the cold, stone walls of his palace. These traitorous thoughts were inspired by one man, who his entire life had served the king unquestionably. To this day, no one but himself knows what possessed him to do what he did. This man's name is Kadron, sword-master of the east. He was the greatest fighter the king had, and the pride of the Domanian Army. He had served by his master's side throughout the war of unification, and in all others since. And yet, he is to blame for the damming of the people.

He and 4 others plotted to destroy the king, and separate the clans back to how "they should be". These men are known as the Dreaded 5, in recognition of the acts they committed.

In the final days, the King realised the plot against him but could not stop what had been months in coming. A great army of black robed warriors, likened to daemons in the way they slaughtered men and women alike, destroyed everything in their path, attacking from the Deep South, before finally reaching the great Valley. It had to be a trick of fate, for where the nation was born, was where it died.

The greatest battle the land has ever seen was fought on the same fields as it was forged upon. 50,000 good, loyal men of Domas died protecting their King from the evil grasps of the Dreaded 5's Black Army, however their sacrifice was in vein, and the king was butchered like cattle, along with all of his house, at the hands of his once most trusted friend. However, there is the legend that his youngest son was town onto the back of the fastest horse in the land and was taken to a village in the middle of nowhere. This story gives the people some hope, but alas, it is only a tale.

This is how Domas became a shattered land, and now all the people live in fear of the ruling 5, their Black Fiends always watching.

But there is a glimmer of light in the darkness of the domain, namely