It was many long hours before we stopped to rest. We must have walked well over 20 miles in around 6 hours. God, Granser could walk fast.

Today has been the worst day of my life. So much blood lay upon the ground, in the rivers because of who I am. It is for these people, who died to protect me, that I walk, and that I shall fight and that I shall free my land for. Once again, my thoughts were drawn to Drobe. I had only stopped crying about an hour earlier. As I sat down by the fire Granser had made, all I could see was his face within the flames.

"You cannot grieve for him, Drakar. He died to save you. Do not let his sacrifice go to waste." He said to me, as he crouched own beside me.

"Why did it have to be Drobe?" I asked him, looking up into the strong green eyes of my trusted friends.

"Because it was the oath he swore to your mother, as I did, back in the final moments of our kingdom" he answered, with an air of pride in his voice. "I will continue in the duties I swore to uphold when you were but a child. Now get up! I will teach you things now that you have only ever dreamt about"

I dragged myself to my feet, but was suddenly kicked down again


"First rule is to always be prepared, young prince"

The way he said prince invoked a sense of reality in me, that I had a destiny.

I quickly got to my feet and dodged another kick

"Better. Now your father's sword was enchanted when it was forged by the mighty sorcerer Trenesi; however he is one of the dreaded 5 that betrayed your father. I am unsure if the charms placed upon your sword still work today"

He took my sword from the scabbard, and its magnificent bright blue blade shone in the sunlight which broke through the canopy. He mumbled something, and suddenly the blade burst into a white flame. Granser swirled it around and surprisingly the flame kept burning

"The Flame of Domas. This flame sears anyone who wishes the prince harm or is not dedicated to the prince's cause. It can be used to seek out those who are untrustworthy, but it can also be used to great effect in battle. The flame can break the weapons of the enemy, keeping you alive"

"Wow, that's amazing"

"But you cannot just depend on it. You need to know how to wield a sword for it to be any use."

"I'm not incapable of fighting." I said. I was insulted by his remark.

"I know that, but the fiends are better than you. And if you want any chance of fulfilling your destiny, you must be better than them"

He threw me my sword, and we duelled for an hour. The blade was light and agile but also was powerful and strong. This blade had only just been given to me; however it felt like I had fought with it all my life.

By the time the duel was over, I had snapped his blade in two.

"Very good, Drakar. You can fight well. But we must practise regularly in order to unlock the secrets of the sword. I know the Flame of Domas incantation; however there are many others that I don't know. We must find them. Together."

"Ok, but we must rest at some point today." I joked

"Very well sire, we will rest here tonight, but we must reach the town of Hruan by midday, as the forest will have been searched by that time, and I don't fancy fighting fiends in the early morning"

Although out loud I laughed at this joke, inside it filled me with dread. Can I ever fight the fiends?