I think that I'm stuck.

I'm stuck on this rut that is you,

I'm stuck on this thought that is you…

I'm stuck on you.


And every single time you tell me "no"

I ignore it.

And every single time you say "yes"

I explore it.


Because every "yes" you've ever said to me,

Seemed to be fake.

So I explore every syllable to make sure,

Absolutely sure that every letter is true.

(And if it's not, I'll ignore it anyway.)


I'm stuck on the lies you tell me,

I'm stuck on the truths you twist.

I'm stuck on everything you've ever said to me.

I'm stuck on you.


So here I am again,

Crying until the sun goes down.

Simply because I want you here,

And you don't even know I exist.


I would do anything…

Anything just to see you tonight.

And this is a small reminder that,

There is no one, no one that I like as much as you.


Because I'm stuck on this rut,

I'm stuck on this thought.

I'm stuck on you.


And you're all I think about these days.

Yet you're so far away.

I can't seem to stand being so far from you.


I'm stuck on the small,

Tiny, little, insignificant chance…

That you might be stuck on me.