Nikole sat before her rapist. It was something she had to do before she could start her own family. She should have done it long ago.

"Why did the AST want to kill you?" Nikole asked.

"I screwed with the leader's daughter. He wanted me dead because of that." He stated nonchalantly. Nikole knew the vengeful leader well so she knew he was probably telling the true. "I've changed, Niki. I really have. You've succeeded in changing me. You have succeeded in changing Carver." Carver told her.

She sighed when she looked into the boy's eyes. She wanted to believe him. She should believe him.

"No. You aren't even Carver anymore. That little boy died long ago. It's impossible to succeed in changing Carver. There is no Carver no matter how much I want there to be. I'm sorry, but I'm not wasting anymore of my time on you."

Then she walked out the door while ignoring his screams of protest to her new life. Nikole knew she had to have a past to have a future. She didn't have to let that past control her life.

Nikole, Katia, Dominique, or whatever name she went by she knew her place. Her place was with her husband.


AUTHOR'S NOTE: This is the end of the story. The Carver chapter of Nikole's life is over, but the rest of her past still haunts her. Not to mention the people wanting to kill her husband and her to get their money. There will be a sequel called Misplaced Trust. It is already published so check it out. In the three chapter of the third story it is revealed who is planning on killing the couple. The sequel won't just be continuing Nikole and Angel's romance, but it will be featuring new romances blooming between the characters. Thank you to everyone who reviewed. I hope you enjoyed the story.