The Legend of Siphonemis of Sirius

"The End Justifies The Means."

There she stood, silhouetted perfectly against the slowly descending evening sun with a slightly tangy breeze caressing her strands of silky black hair that were swaying perfectly in the Western Sky. The mighty singular roar of the hungry beasts was the alarming trumpet warning the forest nightlife of a well known danger that was about to take brutal action. Above, the birds flew away from an unwanted winter season into the welcoming warmth of Southern sunny shores. Perhaps, she thought as she stood staring up at them in question, perhaps if only life itself could change as easily as the weather does after only a few miles, if only I could travel a certain depth into the abyss of blissful neglect and forget this enflaming inferno and cross my way into a safe haven from this misery. A few solitary years of pursuit had brought her to the barren lands of Sirius where war had ravaged not only the superficial existence of this forgotten world, but the heart, mind, and soul of its devastated and shell-shocked people. Its creatures, its grasses, its trees and its vast oceans of never ending mountains--everything was warn torn and ill from the war. It had gnawed its way into the epicenter of society, gnawing away at the structure of order, ripping apart the foundations of a once established equilibrium that now remained in ruins; rummaged at its pillars with dust coating the Truth, fossils of what once was... Even the bugs that ate into the dead leaves and earth did not dare to eat from the green of the Temple, for it was known that life itself could not withstand the macabre stench of the Archangels who had crumpled this center of devotion. She remembered the stories, the dreams, the visions, the nightly visitations from the Beings of blue, Saviours of souls and Destroyers of angels.

It was as though fate had found its way into the womb of her heart and she had given birth to a pre-planned purpose; a duty; a destiny. Her life revolved around the three simple yet powerful words the Ankh had spoken to her the night she had slept in the atrium of the Temple, three words that remained a mysteriously insignificant part of her life that had wedged itself deep inside of her Self like a thorn. Through the years and with the arrival of the Age of Aquarius, the bloody thorn had been rebuked by her own mind and once more it had risen to haunt her worn mind with questions and theories and unresponsive voices; the elusive remains of a desire that had long ago died inside the coffin of her unestablished purpose until her time had finally come. Time after time the Southern Star had travelled past an unobscured night sky and along with it her sleep had been aggravated by the incessant dreams foretelling of a time in which dreams would the Truth, and Truth would be Life. "Speak Thy Name" the Ankh had commanded with an authoritative yet understanding voice that induced a sense of peace and thorough understanding that encompassed the infinite and the unknown intertwined with brilliant lacing of love and unfathomable power. It had riveted and soothed its way into the core of her weary Self, and slowly she allowed the Voice to settle and calm and replenish the Will that had deteriorated from within her until, in the comfort of her ominous pleasuring darkness, she fell to the passion and the power. At this point Siphonemis had been gliding through treetops and canyons and never ending rivers self poisoned with decaying matter and death, above filthy clouds and darkened stars that had ceased to shine, burned out moons that lay scattered in shattered in the atmosphere, rotting field animals and falling birds with fouled air and burning humanoids.

The world that surrounded her and seemingly acted towards engulfing her like a bug had the illness which had haunted many generations. It was an illness, a virus difficult to dispatch and even more impossible to comprehend, but the basics were obvious. This weed had sprouted again and again throughout the Histories, the Times and the Infinities... It was Destruction. This planet was bleeding it, the entire populace that had been diminished to rodents and skeletal animals that were beginning to rot...

That night inside the Atrium of the Temple had brought about a change that was unfathomable, a revelation that could untimately rewrite the future and heal the past. The climax of an unrealized predestined order; the summit of a restless hike towards revelation. It was the seed of an unborn epiphany; the final breath of a desired passion. A substitute was provided for the demise of a blinded childish dream--a powerfully solid purpose full of challenge and growth with possibilities the gods couldn't even fathom. Descendant of the Gods and the sprout of the Elders; she was of forgotten royal heritage, blood of the Ancients of Blue. Siphonemis had been given what few others had received before her time--a destiny; a fulfilling interaction with entities she had only known existed through intense indoctrination and personal study. Her mind was once blind, eclipsed by the silhouette of a petrified society--a worldd in which all was one, and one was nothing. The stars now twinkled in brilliance, surrounded by nebulas of galaxies yet to be explored, and the moon began to finally outside the radiance of its counterpart with the darkness of the incoming night. And as she trekked through the unfamiliar terrain, those three words reverberated and resonated within the vibes and morphs of her unlocked soul. What had the Ankh truly meant? What indeed was her name? She would yell quiet screams of desperation and muted groans of quieted misery inside her troubled head, but nothing would occur. She expected a spark, an instant transformation from ordinary reality to a glorified existence. Speaking her name had brought about nothing but a sense of hopelessness and the vague sensation of it all being false...