I am sitting here now wondering where I am supposed to start. I mean when most people write the last story of their life they always seem to know were to begin. They always seem to say " It was a dark and stormy night when I walked down that alleyway" I mean come on why can no one think of anything more then vampires… O.k. technically I didn't think of this, more like it happened to me and ruined my LIFE not that I am one to complain or anything. All has been great with me except the whole world is out to get me.

I bet you are really confused right about now, yah. Let me try to find a start to this story. Well I guess that would be when I was two years old and accidentally altered that fate of a world note I say A world as in not ours. Who knows though I might have changed our world to but not in quit such a big way, I hope… Well let me go all the way back to the very beginning because I guess that's where it all really started.

There was two little two year old girls in a park one day. The little girl named Jean (that's me) and the other named Kaleen. I was a little girl who liked to talk and did not like any one be shy or get hurt so I chattered on to Kaleen. In the end we did mange to have fun, I taught the Kaleen two important things. One how to climb up and tree, and two how to climb down.

Till the age of five we remand friends innocent in all ways. Sadly fate is a fickle friend and our destiny's tore us apart until the age of thirteen when they ended up in the same art class.

By this time though, I had one my own friends with me in the class. Kaleen was just as quiet as ever, so the two of us remanded separate until one day my mom gave me horrible news.

"But mom I don't want to over to Kaleen's. Come on! One we haven't seen each other in forever and Two she is quiet and boring!"

" Are you done with your little rant now Jean Nicole Bondi, because now it is my turn. You young lady have the privilege of being home schooled and with that privilege comes responsibility. At the moment all of yours friends who home school are busy next Monday and I have to work. Luckily your father can drop you off to art class but then he has to go to work and you would have no way to get home. Even if you did I work late. Kaleen's mother kindly offered to watch you for that extended amount of time. So you young lady will be on your best behavior. Understood." Her mother said all this in a tone that left know room for argument.

Jean did the smart thing for one of the few times in her life. Giving a small nod she fled to her room.

Note My mother is a midget Italian polish women and if you know anything all. All three have horrible tempers. Make that a combination and I shudders to think at the consequences.

" O.K. you lot, class is over take your paintings and come back in one piece next week and don't forget to fish your assignments"

Their art teacher announced this at the end of class then came the part I had been dreading. After getting her painting me and Kaleen walked over to each other.

" Hey Kaleen today should be fun" my face showed happiness my voice sounded like I really meant it.

Kaleen gave a small smile and nod as they walked out to the car. The best part about the ride to Kaleen's home was her little sister chattered on the whole ride. When we finally did arrive at Kaleen's we went strait back to her room. For a little while we sat in an strange and unwelcome silence.

" So do you like books Kaleen?" I questioned.

"Like books, I love them! But please call me Queen all my friends do"

Both of us smiled at each other thinking the same thing maybe this day wouldn't be so bad. For about an two hours strait we talked about nothing but books. During this time we found that we had many of the same ideas and interest. We went from almost hating each other to being fast friends. Then all of a sudden Queen (as she wished to be called) broached a new subject.

" So have you ever heard of role playing?'

" Role playing what on earth is that?"

"looks like I have a lot of explaining to do. Role playing is basically playing pretend except it's thousand times cooler. You would love the one me and Sareen are doing together it's called "I spy."

So she explained just about the coolest thing I had ever heard a game full of trust and betrayal love and hate friends and enemies.

" Wow that sounds… amazing."

" I thought you might like it seeing as most of the books you were telling me about were adventure or horror."

" They were? Oops."

" Don't worry about it I like the same type."

Before we knew it, it was 8:00 and my mom was there to pick me up. We bid farewell to each other promising to call soon. Neither of them knowing what a mess we had got our self's into.