This started out as ramblings with a list of requirements to fulfill, but then I found something to write about and it turned into a musing on a former president. It's not a political statement.

Lines denote stanza breaks.


I wonder if President Nixon

ever listened to crickets' ghosts

Late at night?

Did he ever interrupt

A press conference

Or the like

To leave

And hear them sing?

If he'd ever told anyone how he'd heard them


"Bob Dylan's 115th Dream"

Would they have

found him crazy then?

Did President Nixon ever hint

About a secret bag of batting

hidden under his bed

To refill old stuffed

animals? Or to

fatten a flat pillow


so no one saw him sewing?

And did Nixon

Ever, ever

Get the notion that

Pure unfiltered Lemon juice might be

A remedy for writer's cramp

After hours

With a journal that might not have existed

Writing unspoken confessions

No one could read

Containing clues about

Harmless habits like

earwax rolled between fingertips

Then flicked into hiding

somewhere in the Oval Office

for a future first lady to find

And quotes from books

That made him think

like The Prince


If I Ran the Circus

Because he did

Would it have contained

his true beliefs

about Watergate?

And would this journal have revealed

Someone so criminally human

that he just might be