A Girl I Know

Theres this one girl I talk to regularly;

Shes there when I need her,

And I'm always there for her importantly.

Shes a bit shy,

But not at all a lie.

And what others say, to us, it will not deter.

I found her long ago in a dream;

She was lost, confused and trapped,

I took a seat beside her, very alike, did the two of us seem.

If I'd been preoccupied with some painful blister,

I might have thought of her simply as my sister.

But when she spoke, I found my emotions sacked.

The two of us aboard a ship in a sea of rough waves;

She was a girl I'd known all my days,

And I, the boy, whose pathway for her my life forever paves.

Together we were shipwrecked,

Each other, well never neglect.

The two of us cried in a painful melodic phrase.

We talked for many an hour;

Our eyes so full of tears, it was difficult to see,

Emotion atop emotion arose in such a high tower.

Shes a bit shy,

but not at all a lie.

That girl I'd known all my life is me.