Soooo… the beginning of my second story, mini coup, or whatever. Hope you like, I have no idea where I'm going with this so anyone with ideas, PLEASE send them to me. Even if they are to tell me to shut up and put whatever writing ability I thought I had on the shelf next to the brilliant singer/dancer combo.

I was sitting in the middle of Adv. Algebra when he walked in…

No this is not one of those 'Love at First Sight Stories', it's actually more of a glance up out of the blue and vaguely notice a person shaped thing standing near the door.

Ok, before you think I'm any more crazy than most people think I am, I should explain myself, or introduce myself, yes that sounds much better. Well, my name is Sophia Ophelia Sanderson (my parents weren't thinking of the ridicule I could receive in the future on account of having the initials S.O.S.) and I'm a 17-year-old junior at Claymore High School.

I love long walks on the beach, candle lit dinners, wait did I just say that? Huh, strange, what I actually like is sports, and to be contradictory of many stereotypes, reading. Of course the long lines at Dairy Queen…

Have I mentioned that my brain just runs off whenever it likes? It's sad really, I talk to myself so often that my inner self has decided to name herself Fredwina, Fred for short. She really has talked me into some sticky situations, literally and figuratively. There was the peanut butter incident of 2005, and the syrup incident of 2002; but that's beside the point.

See, I told you my brain likes to take side trips into the woods.

He walked in, and since I was so completely aware of my surroundings at the moment (note the sarcasm) it took me a moment to notice why Mrs. Brenton had stopped her drone and my fellow classmates had turned their attention.

The new kids was, in my opinion, going to be one of those guys who girls fawned over, and in the process, made themselves look like bumbling idiots. The thought made me snicker, sadly everyone heard me.

" Sophia, is there something amusing you would like to share with the class?" evil Brenton, she just doesn't like me because I never pay attention yet ace all of her abnormally easy tests.

Me, being who I am, had to be stupid and actually respond, "I was just thinking that the new guy, whoever he is, will most likely end up being an idiot who plays sports and is chased by girls like half the male population in this stupid school already does."

God, what an idiot I am, just as everyone stared at me with disbelief, what I said hit me.