Crap, crap, crap. Okay. I just blurted that out in front of the whole class, in a room with a teacher I don't like, and about a person I don't know and have never met before. Great, stupid Fred.

I looked around to see if anyone had noticed my little outburst, which I didn't actually have to do because all attention was focused on me. Until whomever I insulted walked in.

"Well, it seems like I've already lost one of my fans. Maybe the blondie next to her will be happy to fill your slot." Crass asshole just had to submit. I don't even know his name and he's already getting me into trouble.

Mrs. Brenton was standing at the front of the room still in shock of what had happened. Blondie a.k.a. Sarah Worthington a.k.a. head cheerleader was enraptured by New Guy. Man, I still don't even know his name.

"Maybe idiot New Guy should walk into the classroom and actually introduce himself."

Uhoh, I just said that out loud again, people should be used to it by now yet they continue to stare at me.

"Come on people, you've known me since whenever you met me. Don't tell me you've already forgotten about Fred?" One of the few things I've said on purpose today. They really should know by now.

As my statement was grudgingly accepted by my oh so wonderful peers, New Guy looked around and smirked. I could tell already that I wouldn't like him. He really was going to be one of those previously mentioned jocks. Wearing an East Hills football jersey, he walked up to Evil Math Lady and gave her the orange slip in his hand.

"Would you like to do the honors of an introduction, please?" Wonderful, she gives him the spotlight. Just what New Guy needs.

"Well, after such a lovely welcome, I believe I would." Kiss Ass. "Hey, guys. My name is Keith Allen. I led East Hills football to an All State Championship last year and I sure as hell will try my best to do it again for Claymore." Stupid jerk. What he needs is a good kick in the pants.

Smirks are horrible. They imply that you are better than those around you. How can anyone be a friend to a smirking jackass under when they don't even see you as a friend, but as one of the lowly subjects of their court? I can tell Allen will soon be the King of our overly egotistical peer population.

Man, my head will not stop. She just keeps going and going, like that annoying energizer bunny on television, weird stupid pink thing that I can't get out of my head.

FINALLY, the stupid bell rang.

I ran out of the class as fast as I could. There's no way I was going to take any more staring and questions. As I bolted down the hall I could feel someone looking at me, you know those feelings you get when a pair of eyes looks at you for longer than the occasional glance. The hair on the back of my neck stood up and I swung around.

Probably not a very good idea, I tell you now. Fred hadn't told me that there were people everywhere, and when I turned, I flew into the ked next to me. It wouldn't have been that embarrassing; I had a tendency to run into people, if only he hadn't been carrying a volcano. One of those science class things, except it was a lot more intricate. I could tell hours had been spent to get the volcano to perfection.

And I knocked it down, right out of his arms. CRAPPPP. I really didn't mean to, I swear. What's even worse,

I knew the guy.

"Gideon, I'm so, so, so sorry. I'll come with you and tell your teacher. She can put me in the stocks, flog me, cut off my arm. Just make sure it wasn't your fault. Blame me, I did it, NOOOOOO. Poor volcano, all smashed on the floor, Wait, Gideon, what's that smell?"