Dragon Tears

This is a tale of a black-hearted dragon.
That has lost all he cares and lost all he loves.
And gained more then pain.

The roaming armies siege.
The fall of peace.
Is all in the path of the black-hearted dragon.

He remember the day he lost
The love of his life with a heart so pure.
He remember the iron arrow
That pierced her heart and crushed his will.

The worse of man will pay.
For his suffering and all his pain.
They will die.

The black-hearted dragon seeks revenge.
He will never fail.
He will never stop.
Cause all he cares is blood and tears.

Hear his wings above the sky.
Fear your life and run away.
He's coming for you.

Fire is born and screams are high.
The black-hearted dragon will never stop.
Until you all are chared and burned.

Women and cildren, young and old, is not to be spared.
With furious hearts the men fights back, but its all to late.
And with a fiery roar the deed is done.

On top of a mountain, strong and bold.
The black-hearted dragon weeps his soul.
He now knows what he has done.
Sees now that he is no better then you and me.

So remember the black-hearted dragon.
Strong and bold.
That weeps over his soul.
For what he has done can never be re-payed.

The dragon tears will never dry.
For all his kin has all but died.
The dragon cry will never die.