The Ghetto don't care

I came up hard lady breaking the rules, loving the streets baby just for you. Never killing anybody playing it cool. It's hard being black taking two steps forward while they pushing me five steps back. Living in the ghetto makes you cry so.

This is what I see through the eyes of this man, Cause the ghetto don't care. You won't survive without a plan; all you can do is throw up your hands.

There a young girl now a mother who didn't raise her son to be a murder. There another mother in the next room getting high, so that she wouldn't have to hear her baby cry. The father wasn't a man, running through the streets with his gang. A bullet hits his body now hear him scream, God take this pain from me, but before he died he hears your son has been murder.

The president started a war and the people are screaming what for? Is all this blood for oil? He lied to the people saying we won. So tell me what we won during this war? Some people believe that Jesus was black, but the white people don't want to hear that. Heaven is everywhere to bad the white folk won't get there.

The ghetto don't care the way it do my life, the ghetto don't care what life it takes. The ghetto doesn't care who screaming now.

By Ronald